How to keep your relationship full of excitement after …

Most relationships begin with a lot of excitement, as the man and the woman explore each other. This is the reason why newlyweds look...
mm Purba Chakraborty
2 min read

Bonding the time away

Mobile phone, a device which keeps us connected. Are we really connected? I mean I know what’s happening with everyone. Do we know how...
mm Arti Pandey
2 min read

Eccentric Spouses

Nowadays people expect everything in their spouses. Perfect behavior, perfect habits, perfect social manners, perfect complexion, perfect education, perfect physique, everything perfect. But in...
mm Ranjit Kumar
2 min read

7 ways to keep your bond fresh and healthy

Seeing the sparkle fading away in the marriages isn’t too indigestible these days. It is common to see people parting their ways when once...
mm Tanvi Taparia
1 min read

The Significance Of Marriage

Generally there are many and varied subjects in this world which are taught and tutored. That knowledge is also shared with each others. This...
mm Sundaram Govindarajan
6 min read

Never known that world of magic…Celibate still!

Rebecca! You will love her instantly as I do already, I bet! She is one amazing woman I’ve recently come across and we ticked...
mm Tanvi Kumar
7 min read

The story of my broken marriage

Right now, I am sitting in my living room of my 1Bhk apartment, wishing the cup could hold more coffee than it already does....
mm Tanvi Taparia
5 min read

Distance and Its Cure

Day 1 (When it all began)  Your love for me and my love for you is ominous, yet inordinate. “I love you too”, I...
mm Ananya Mazumder
1 min read

Why Marriages Fall Apart – Part 1

For a very long time, I have been looking vaguely out of my window. The only question that haunts me is where actually did...
mm Anjum Baba
4 min read

Journey from strangers to strangers

Years later i’m writing in your rememberence that how perfect our first meeting was. Till today i still feel that freshness of your smile...
mm Shajeeda Ahmed
1 min read

Lessen the Complications of Marriage

The major essence of any relationship is communication, transparency, understanding and love. Once you have a transparent relation you and your better half will...
mm Soumi Sarkar
2 min read

Just Another Sea Monster

Alan Turing, the father of computing, master cryptanalyst, and the brain behind the decoding of German device Enigma that ultimately led to the victory...
mm Anjum Baba
3 min read

Title – Drunk, Broken and Fixed

He was distant and cold for so long, that I couldn’t even look at him without feeling annoyed. I guess, I missed the old...
mm Arti Pandey
3 min read

How to know if your love is true?

A partner is someone who will share your success and mostly be the reason for it and at the same time, a partner will...
mm Ganesh G
51 sec read

Let’s Talk About the Unconditional

“Love him like it is the last day of your life, Love him like you can pass an eternity with it, Love him- just...
mm Arpita Mukherjee
2 min read

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