Aayush Dewani
Aayush Dewani

I’m Aayush, a literature & philosophy student. Metaphorically, I still belong to the phase of learning, which apparently is never going to end. Sarcasm isn’t on my lips yet but hey, I’m catching it a bit lately. Since I’m inclined moreover to the teenage approach, I want to learn how I can share my thoughts and perspective through writings. It’s practical that I’m not of the age for marriage but the inspired stories has always been my interest to know about different inquisitive minds.

Was that an unsaid irony?

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She mocks me for my silliness, I tease her over the ironies, despite the fact that she remains quiet, but mindedly potential waiting for a picture-perfect moment to burst out over me, but still a husband and wife never separate, those fights are the essence during the burst to let out the hides and solve the unsaid things that remain unnoticed by either one of us. However, that burst ends bizarre but also with Never-Want-to-Stop laughs and giggles over the sweet relationship that leaves an after smile for the rest of the day, since things are back to looking forward. And if not, one of us always makes sure that the other one put-forth the minds while holding the love.

There is a moment we all agree to the ‘Kuch Kuch Hota Hai’ epigram bearing in mind for the right one the very instant you are acquainted and the rest world around you turns FILMY. On the other hand, making up the mind to stay with someone for rest of the life, not just means to stay with life but being together as prioritizing the other half; it’s that other half of you that remains full because of you and completes you; in addition this relativity of love between a husband and wife is totipotent.

In the course of getting over the fight, the chemistry doesn’t fade as it seems; nonetheless, it’s the fear of repeating the same thing which unknowingly makes one step back from that hurdle. Conversely, with just one sudden move, the whole atmosphere changes back singing the songs of togetherness of ‘husband and wife’ and what is forgotten in those lively laughs, is not that move but the matter where both ended up fighting.

Figuratively, we verve together through the dimension of every struggle and every joy from little things to the luxuries, remaining together in thick & thin; Cause that’s the will I wish I had paramount while choosing that one for me but now that I have her, I don’t need to know that feeling, that will any more. Little things are often unnoticed but a particular moment that brought a strange sensation of having her beside me makes me hold even the little things now. The reason to share this is that in this busy life, metaphorically more than half of the conversations are filled with helping verbs and pronouns which one just glance over and so do I do for every detail, but she reminds me this as an IRONY to me.

Dreaming about the day of not staying single anymore, someday that day is today and tomorrow likewise that day turn into yesterday. But what changes during those moments of hopes and wait for that perfect one, is that dream itself. The dream turns to reality and you find that one you were searching for; maybe after looking through millions of eyes or just in the blink of the eye, but that perfect one remains an impression forever, vis-à-vis the next footstep taken is but-obvious speaking the sacred vows of marriage.

Two ironical things that remain constant throughout the course track are the thru changing things and the part where they both got each other. And that’s called being together in my unsaid words.

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