A&A- The Unknown Tale

“Love is beyond explanations, reality and barriers. All she knew was to break herself apart and love you and she did and will keep doing so till she breathes.”

This isn’t some fancy fairy tale or a marriage with a happy ending. This is altogether a different story. A story of two persons, where one presents his reality and the other pure love. May be destiny has different in store for them, may be one of the other is unsure of how to proceed, or is burdened with lots of responsibilities and issues, but all that matters at the end, is how pure the emotion was.

It all started very differently. They worked in the same office. More than a boss, he was a friend, a guide. She does not know when she started falling for him, the reason is inexplicable. After all, not everything in this galaxy can be explained. The feelings were strong, the only thing holding her back was he was in a relationship then and she was unsure of his emotions. They did share the most wonderful bond.

When things started growing serious, and it was getting tough for her, she decide to switch jobs, with the hope that her feelings would just be hers and she would find a way out of this. And may be, may be, she would have succeeded, had that phone call not changed everything.

3rd July, she received messages-

Hello! Will you meet me today? Followed by a video call. She was shivering back then. She dialled the number and they spoke, spoke till he confessed at a point, that he truly loves her and wants her to accept the fact as well. He sounded so desperate to meet her and she was going wobbly. She could not hold back the emotions she had supressed from so long when he said he just wants to hold her forever and never let her go.

She had to go meet him, she could not stay back. He was drunk but she was not concerned about that. She just wanted to meet him. An Ola late in the night and finally she reached his place. There was an outburst of emotions and truth after that. Hugs, kisses, his arms, and his touch, everything was so magical. She was lost in him and wanted to stay the same lifelong. His tear drops all over her face had somehow owned her. May be he would never realise the fact, but she was shaken from within.

The next morning, there was a transition of emotion. Remorse and regret covered his face. She does not know what that regret was for. Regret for confessing or for not being able to stay together. Regret for letting her believe he is the one or for breaking the belief. A week passed by, and when she finally called, she found him a changed man, where he wanted to set things right, where he talked of barriers and how he wants to be a good chapter in her life and how she is supposed to help her.

It has been some time now since they last spoke. You all might wonder, what is this story doing her? It is just that love is not about setting realistic expectations. Neither am I writing this because I can fiddle with words. Love is beyond barriers, beyond age, beyond practicalities. If someone is unsure of his intentions, he should never approach. The hollowness that he tried to fill in her, turned out to be all the deeper. May be she would not say a word, may be for him, the three magical words are just words, maybe she would let him be the way he wants, but this instance has broken her down into so tiny fragments that even a lifetime would fall short to recollect her again. She somehow is giving up the urge to cling on to life, embraced smoking and drinking. The vacuum is so thick, she does not feel life anymore. But she still wishes and urges that he stays happy, blessed and has a good life no matter what.

“Feel me in the clouds, but don’t regret when you won’t feel my touch anymore.”

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