When honour kills love

Image Courtesy Opposition in the name of honor-some extreme cases Scenario: Ms. W sadly belongs to a caste( in a rural area) that has always valued protecting the community and traditions over her feelings, emotions, and decisions. Whenever she tried to gather the courage to say no, she was labeled as stubborn and disobedient. The […]

When divorce turns the enemy

Image Courtesy Rejection for choosing an already divorced life partner Scenario: Ms.W has been trying to cope up with a failed marriage post her divorce. She has already taken the right step to protect her infant child from her abusive father. He happens to believe that girls are a burden to the family, and tries […]

When trapped in the marriage snare

Image Courtesy 5) A forced marriage with everything forced! Scenario: This is a desperate and dangerous situation which Ms. W is facing at such a tender age. She is still 16 and her parents want her married to a man of their choice, who is aged 28! She has cried her heart out and convinced […]

When traditions are broken

Image Courtesy 4) A traditional family opposing marriage decision Scenario: Ms. W meets a handsome guy, Mr. M at college and they secretly started loving each other. Ms. W belongs to a traditional family where only the concept of love marriage prevails. They can never accept a love marriage leave alone an inter-caste or inter-religion […]

When love crosses religion

Image Courtesy 3) An inter-caste marriage with no support before and after marriage Scenario: Mr. M belongs to caste A and his love, Ms. W belongs to caste B. They have been dating each other secretly for the last three years and keeping their affair a secret from their parents. It is obvious that the […]

When arrangements get deranged

Image Courtesy 2)An arranged marriage with problems created by the spouse or in -laws Scenario: Consider a perfect arranged marriage decision, where Mr. M is interested in meeting Ms. W after looking up her profile on a matrimonial site. It is awkward at first but they enjoy each other’s company and start liking each other. […]

When ideal is not always ideal

via GIPHY Is love really a temporary insanity curable by marriage? What is the real reason that society will not let the lovers marry who they want to without raising the unforgiving barriers of tradition, caste, incompatibility, and honor? Marriage has been made the ultimate solution for taming couples lest they make any “wrong” decision […]

A planned divorce

Image Courtesy Late one night she arrived in her new SUV The watchman jerked awake, hurting his knee Alice smiled tremulously, feeling quite crappy Nowhere was visible her only trustee   She reached her apartment quite cosy, Trying to not appear too drowsy Her eyes fell on the polished mirror Sitting majestic on the first […]

A broken promise

Image Courtesy It had all started six years ago Time handed over the final blow Etched like jagged shards of glass Shattering all my dreams alas! “I have to go Ahmed, I am sorry”, Rani had whispered softly. With folded hands, quite shaky Kohl- lined eyes dripping with tears She had succumbed to her fears […]

A terrible wish

Image Courtesy Chatting online in her free time, Sia stumbled upon a site, FriendFind Made many online friends Of every age and trend But the one named Hamid, She could not really forget They chatted for hours Days passed by and friendship grew No culture, no religion Did their relationship follow She left her job, […]

Cheers to a perfect beginning

Image Courtesy Saw an ebullient crowd, celebrating their win Couldn’t hear my friend’s voice in the din ” Hey, isn’t that David, the one shooting spray?” My eyes finally rested on his auburn hair Laughing easily, entertaining his folk He stopped in his tracks as heard me croak! I couldn’t muster a word, stammering quite speechless […]

Joined by will or conjoined by tradition? – A Survival guide for staying strong through the thick and thin of joint families.

Contents: 1) Joint families and their structure in India 2) It’s advantages 3) It’s disadvantages 4) Relationships at a glance      i) The Daughter-in-Law      ii) The Mother-in-Law      iii) The husband and son      iv) The Father-in-Law v) Siblings, their spouses, and the kids 5) Keep the romance alive 6) […]

Triple Talaq

A detailed word on word analysis of the proposed Bill-Part 4   Let us now talk about the most pressing topics related to our discussion and analysis of the Triple Talaq Bill. Time for a few facts now. [.] For the Muslims, the writings in the Quran are of foremost importance. Muslims in India are […]