Arti Pandey

  Hey! I am a person who loves to write, i feel that the words can do anything. With poetic sense, I want to reach the hearts of many through my writings. "Each piece of mine is my work. It's not just art, it's my world."


4 Stories by Arti Pandey


A relationship has many facets, and some of these are often considered obvious due to which people tend to ignore it. That is when...
0 3 min read

Sarah and Neil – Surfing the waves of a relationship

Sarah and Neil had been dating for two years. They met at a restaurant where Sarah used to work part-time as a waitress. They...
0 3 min read

Bonding the time away

Mobile phone, a device which keeps us connected. Are we really connected? I mean I know what’s happening with everyone. Do we know how...
0 2 min read

Title – Drunk, Broken and Fixed

He was distant and cold for so long, that I couldn’t even look at him without feeling annoyed. I guess, I missed the old...
0 3 min read

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