A relationship has many facets, and some of these are often considered obvious due to which people tend to ignore it. That is when the conflict arises. Perpetual problems can suffocate a relationship. We don’t realize until it all falls apart and you are left with nothing. Consider these simple factors that contribute to the […]

Bonding the time away

Mobile phone, a device which keeps us connected. Are we really connected? I mean I know what’s happening with everyone. Do we know how they feel about it? A bunch of notifications flashing on your screen has one important reminder and you ignore because you are not interested anymore. You set the reminder because you […]

Title – Drunk, Broken and Fixed

He was distant and cold for so long, that I couldn’t even look at him without feeling annoyed. I guess, I missed the old us, the couple who did things which were weird for others. He was always the positive one whereas I brought a bit of pessimism. He used to do things spontaneously, I […]