Prutha Dalal

As they say everything is in the name Prutha, meaning Prithvi, itself gives an idea of the huge number of tasks this small looking girl can handle. This dynamic and self motivated girl has passion for dance and started learning Bharatnatyam, under strict and able guidance of Mrs Pramadwara Kittur. She has been learning for past 11 years, completed Madhyama Purana and still has passion to pursue further. Dance is just a small part of her life. She is an Athlete who has bagged Several Medals Till Date, a poet and a writer and is also pursuing karate and will be a black belt soon. After completing her B.E. In I.T she started working in Synchron a multi national I.T company and has gained recognition in her field of expertise. Creating Goals and Working towards them with Perseverance and Dedication is her way of life.

Let The Soul Be An Individual That It Is..Let It Be Free

When you start questioning your own grudges, guilt, angers, resentment, blames you realize that they originated from your own unrealistic assumed expectations, the one’s that should not have been there in the first place. The innumerous comparisons that we do of one soul’s to another by forgetting that every soul is different. The numerous ways …

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