Secret recipe of Happy Marriage

Image Source With the havoc that a woman’s rage, rant can bear on her man’s mind is unreal. The fact that it is not very like men to be arguing back and giving tit for that they often take to a silent protest, perhaps announcing in silence- Its not worth losing my breath, you carry […]

My idea of marriage

At times I feel as if I am a 1000 years old soul trapped in a young body. As the time has gone by, over time my untamed soul has started resting, finding comfort in cosy places which has found me great solace! It is my newfound muse ‘writing,’ pouring my heart bare on a […]

Journey from strangers to strangers

How heart still yearns for him? Years and years have gone by. Heart feels nostalgic and I am writing reminiscing how perfect our first meeting felt. Till today I can feel that vibrant freshness of your smile which used to get even warmer and brighter at my sight. Back then, we were just kids of […]