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Alan Turing, the father of computing, master cryptanalyst, and the brain behind the decoding of German device Enigma that ultimately led to the victory of World War II. Apart from being one of the most influential personalities in the field of computer science and mathematics. This phenomenal man is no less than phenomena himself.

This highly talented man was much harshly treated by the law of his country. Even now, when I surf through different websites, more than his contributions to history, his sexual orientation is highlighted. The fact of him being a gay is still considered a stigma by many. His death and posthumous fame are quite disturbing.

Is it really a sin to be trapped in the wrong body? What choice do I have over my sexual inclinations? An innocent felon is seen with much compassion but there is simply no sympathy for natural prisoners like me. All I ever receive are judgmental theories, biased looks, and fanatic verdicts. If not all of them but most of the people who know me or the likes of me behave differently once they know who we are.

The fact of me being different from the rest dawned on me way before I reached puberty. But the truth which almost all who are not like me fail to realize is that despite the fact of me being different, I am not very different from them, or you. My emotions are same, intelligence is same, and lifestyle is same. I also feel the pangs of loneliness and heartbreak. My relationships also suck from time to time. Sadly, there are no talks of relationship counseling for us. This is the reason why I chose to voice my thought on this platform for husband and wife.

Through this relationship portal, I plan to reach out to my Prince Charming. The funny part is, I am not his Cinderella. But this side too, there stands another Prince Charming, to the entire world. What we are to each other, I choose not to share such personal details here. Who knows, I might be judged for sharing or concealing. People often wonder about the strength of our bonds, bitter fights or future of such relationships.

The first and most common social viewpoint regarding homosexuals is, it is unnatural. I derive much pleasure in rejecting this dogma, all those who feel so are terribly wrong. I don’t know where do they get such amazingly bizarre ideas from, must be lack of knowledge overdrive.

Dwarf chimpanzees, or Bonobos, our closest relatives are the best known homosexual animals. The huge birds, Laysan albatross remain married to same-sex species for life. Fruit flies and Red flour beetles are not very different from the clan. Roughly speaking, lions, giraffes, dolphins and killer whales, all indulge in homosexual behavior.

Petter Bøckman, the academic advisor of the “Against Nature’s Order?” exhibition confirms that homosexual behavior is observed in 1,500 animal species. Wow, 1,500 animal species practicing homosexuality!! Sounds quite unnatural, doesn’t it?!! Still not convinced and consider it to be more a taboo and less a theory. Here is a final piece of information before I rest my case. Almost all animals have been seen to exhibit homosexual behavior with the sole exception of species such as sea urchins and aphis who never ever indulge in any sort of sexual activities. This is not it, a great part of the animal kingdom is hermaphroditic which means they are all bisexual. Do you think, these hermaphrodite species would worry over issues such as homosexuality? Well, you have your answer there.

Eric, that’s the name of my partner. He is a professor of microbiology in one of the most renowned universities in the state. Highly respected and vastly followed. His life is a huge success but love life is a big secret. This area of his life is shrouded in a big mystery. Nobody is allowed to sneak into his private affairs. What do you think is my profession? Many of you might think I must be working in an ad agency, fashion industry or media. Sorry to disappoint you, I am a neurologist. This is another misconception about us, people generally hold us to belong to creative field. At times I feel, being born as an alien would have been a better option.

The advent of LGBTQ community for the intersexual is quite a relief. There are many who choose to come out in open and announce their sexual orientation whereas there are many or to be precise the likes of me and Eric. We are yet to come out of the closet and let the people around us know who we are. In time, the people around us would realize that this is not something to be ashamed of. But before them, it is us who have to be brave enough to let the whole world know, WE ARE NOT ABNORMAL!!!

There are many same-sex couples who drop indirect hints about their relationship status while some take the legal path and tie social knots. I am the emotional one in this relationship which is why I always try to mix with everyone around. I too have some dreams such as flaunt my partner to my friends, hold his hands in public, follow ten commandments of a healthy relationship or simply provide each other social recognition.

Gone are the days when the concept of the universe existed, theories of multiverse have been confirmed. Let us not get into the species that exist in the multiverse. Do we know how many species exist in the universe? No. Are humans the only intelligent being or are there more who are like us or different from us inhabiting different planets?

As per Kardeshav scale, civilization is divided into three categories. Type 1 being Planetary Civilization, Type 2 is Stellar Civilization, and Type 3 is Galactic Civilization.

Human beings fall into 0 Type category, as per Michio Kaku, the renowned physicist and futurist, it will take another 100-200 for the humans to attain the status of Type 1 civilization. Type 2 might be possible in a few thousand years and Type 3 in a 100,000 to a million years.

This Type 0 civilisation who barely has any ideas about its own identity, how is it to supposed to delve deeper and unravel the great mysteries if it prefers to get deviated by petty issues. There is more to learn than reach a conclusion about something as trivial as sex. I am nothing more than just another sea monster in this vast sea of unimaginable species. I need to rise above my hypocrisy in order to realize my worth.

Anjum Baba

About the Author

Anjum Baba

I am a storyteller, healer, seeker, and wanderer. Knowledge cannot be bottled in mere degrees. Even though I hold a Masters degree in English, still, I consider myself to be just a student. I am a voracious reader, prolific writer and big time movie buff. Rules and boundaries have always bored me. Writing helps me break all barriers and dogma. Curious and inquisitive to know about the world, universe, and multiverse, and the beings living in it. Since interacting with the aliens or creatures from other planets is not possible for me now. I would love to hear from my readers and interact with them.

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