Let The Soul Be An Individual That It Is..Let It Be Free

When you start questioning your own grudges, guilt, angers, resentment, blames you realize that they originated from your own unrealistic assumed expectations, the one’s that should not have been there in the first place.

The innumerous comparisons that we do of one soul’s to another by forgetting that every soul is different.

The numerous ways in which we try to bend the other soul by trying to impart our beliefs on them forgetting that this soul has its own purpose.

Just to change someone to satisfy our own way of living and to prove our own beliefs are right just in comparison of one society with another or from person to person or soul to soul even if it’s your own child often forgetting that we are just causing pain to that soul and not loving it openly just for the fear of losing them yet forgetting that one day we all will die.

Maybe to be born again maybe not yet the souls in pain and the one’s who caused it will never find their true purpose just at the cost that society didn’t accept and yet forgetting that the more you will capture the soul the more the pain it will be in just because of your fears which were never true in the first place the unrealistic one’s
and yet we hold on and keep ourselves entangled within this cycle which is not serving good to any soul.

The parameters only put a barrier on our own happiness and then we become unhappy that we are not happy. What an irony to live by and yet we want everything in our own way so much so that humans want nature also to behave accordingly to them and then we get stuck in our own lies of illusions and illnesses which then again become a reason to allow the whole cycle of blame, grudge, guilt to repeat.

Instead, why not just let the soul be free without any expectations, obligations, va lidations, approvals as that is also a standardly taught belief that ‘to expect, oblige, validate and approve is right ‘,

And on a larger perspective the soul is an imprint of the whole universe the brahmand so how can we as an individual soul cause pain to another because it is said that we all are reflections of each other so then even we will be in pain of guilt of causing pain to another.
Think on it. just let every soul be as every soul has a purpose and even a soul is an individual in its own soul… Its just a matter of retrospection within and outside…

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