Loving from a distance: A tale of a long-distance marriage.

“Don’t you people want to go on dates and hang around ?” A colleague of mine asked seeing me engrossed in my phone for quite a long time texting my husband.

She had she been inquiring about how we patiently coped up the distance between us being newlyweds in two distant towns?

My husband stayed in Chennai while I stayed in Delhi owing to our own professional commitments and both of us were looking up to relocate with each other but I guess we had distances to be kept for quite a while now and closeness seemed distance afar.

Her question reminded me of how madly in love we both were for each other and how only those video calls were the pacifier to our drenched souls asking for each other’s presence.

Engrossed all this while in my thoughts, she pinched me to feed her curiosity. I needed to explain our so-called LDR ( long distance relationship).

Dream dates !! We often go on ones.

We talk of places, beaches, mountains, and destinations.

Thinking together makes us want to meet more. And then after our 2 am talks, we bid each other good nights and promise to meet in our dreams by the lakeside.

And about last night when we walked by the lakeside hand in hand down the streets. The calm between us grew deeper a little more than calm of the dark night around us. The lights being out of order made the sky enveloped by the moonlight all that we could ask for.

And as promised we sit by the lakeside and drop a pebble into the lake watching those ripples deepening into the waters as the ripples of warmth between us deepened. And we sit around simply doing nothing, looking into each other’s eyes as our eyes hugged each other.

And the breeze blew briskly brushing the hair off my cheek and his eyes watching me. And mine watching the gentle smile on his cheeks.

The view around us was serenely pretty. His was the most beautiful glance I had ever seen in my life and the one I’d die seeing all my life.

A trance that was! The kind of trance I always keep talking. Kinda that!

And next day he asked me about Your date and my narration matches his perception. I think we meet like this. And we keep meeting quite often. Apart from being in different cities; so distant yet so close to one another. I live in two places; one here and the other where he was.

This is our kinda date. This is our kinda love. He’s worth each mile away from me “I replied.

And I could see her eyes teary perfectly in sync with mine.

She knew how the love between two hearts was so much above the distance between the two cities.

We weren’t apart. We walked under the same sun and slept under the same moon until we meet again to live under the same roof. ?

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