Raped and Ripped

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Nowadays wherever I turn my head, news of rape ambush me. Be it the buzz feed of social networking websites, media channel or messages circulated around various messaging apps. All I ever get to read is how inhumane homo sapiens have become.

Men are tagged as beasts. The females are being marginally victimized. The #MeToo mania had literally taken the nation by storm. The victims of sexual harassment surfaced from the darkest crevices of society. The dreadful memories that had been long sent into oblivion. The trauma, tragedy, nightmares and horrifying details came to the public eye.

It is quite difficult to categorize my experience under a specific head. I have a few questions. It would decide whether I am eligible to be categorized as a victim.

To begin with I am a male. The very fact that I am a male prohibits me from raising my voice. Do men get raped? The very question would seem completely absurd to most if not all.

Male-victims of rape are more prone to falling into depression. Just like females, most of the men do not report of sexual violence. Male-victims of rape is considered as a taboo. Be it a homosexual or a heterosexual, rape is considered as a stigma to their manhood.

It looks very funny when people shun the very idea of men being raped. Majority of them hold a narrow-minded vision. There is a small number who is in my favor.

Below I will write down the situations where probabilities of males being raped by women are high.

Yes, you heard me right. I am not talking about pedophile predators who pounce on infants and teenagers of the same sex. This is not about prison inmates who sodomize a rebellious new arrival. Nor about a chocolaty boy with a cute smile and submissive predisposition.

Not all male-rapes happen in the hostel, dormitories, filled with vigorous boys. Not all male-victims belong to the harems of wealthy sheikhs and nabobs.

Given below are the situations were males are victimized by females.

Midlife crisis or Frustration of Menopause

There is a small group of males who choose to remain anonymous. We are connected by the trauma of victimization. Just like AA we also have regular meetups.

Unlike the popular male lead of BDSM series. Not all males turn violent sexually when their mom’s best friend chooses to molest them during their teens. One of my friends from the group I just mentioned was defiled by his aunt.

Women after reaching a certain age want to reverse the clock. They are not willing to accept the fact that they have aged. There are some with abnormally high libido who become a slave to their sexuality.

These predators prefer boys half their age to satisfy their carnal desires. Had it not been the case, Magic Mike would have never made it so big. Just like males, these females also turn violent. They rape, abuse physically and cause great mental trauma to their victims.

At times, boys, in order to earn quick money or pose as studs, boys opt for prostitution. But only after getting into the business do they realize the severity of their shithole.

Inebriation or Incapacitation

Men become helpless under the influence of drugs or other substance abuse. An inebriated man can be “made to penetrate” without his consent.

Even a man held against his will under life-threatening situation is left incapacitated. This is something many can relate to. However, the double standards of the society and judiciary often perceive male victims skeptically. This is the main reason, after a certain age limit, rape of males by females is coined as sexual assault.

Be it the U.K, U.S, African nations or Asian continent, everybody puts on blinkers when it comes to male rape.

Emotional Abuse

Women are more than often considered as manipulative. It is very easy for them to coax a man into sleeping with her against his will. She can either manipulate him emotionally. Or simply blackmail him into making love to her.

If a man is made to penetrate only once against his will. He would be compelled to do it again and again. Call it blackmail, manipulation or stupidity of the man/ boy. Once you do it against your will, you will have to do it again and again. The torture, trauma, and abuse would continue till the time the woman does not give up.

My story is as weird as it could be. My marriage literally depends upon my mother-in-law.

She had come to stay with us during the first pregnancy of my wife. She drugged me and filmed us. After that fateful incident, I have to relive the nightmare whenever and wherever she wishes.

The bottomless pit of my misery is ripping me apart day after day. I am being raped and ripped by a family. Whom do I talk to? Where do I go? This needs to end. The biasedness of the society must stop.

Not all females are victims. Similarly, not all males are rapists. I am not a sissy nor do I feel my manhood is at stake. A sane and straight male like me can also be victimized. The reason for me to remain silent is the indifference of the society towards victims like me.

Everything is not black and white. There are nightmares with horrifying shades of grey. I have been ripped of all peace. My mother-in-law rapes me time and time again. This will either lead to severe depression or total nervous breakdown. Kindly tell me how do I cope up with my trauma.

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