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With the havoc that a woman’s rage, rant can bear on her man’s mind is unreal. The fact that it is not very like men to be arguing back and giving tit for that they often take to a silent protest, perhaps announcing in silence- Its not worth losing my breath, you carry on anyway I am NOT getting into the temptation of mud slinging. What does happen though the bitterness does seep in and the frustration gets reflected in his behaviour and the funny mood he wears everywhere he goes. Oopsie Daisy! He is NOT a happy bunny and now his silent wrath will take over him. Aren’t they supposed to be in love? If yes, why these endless fights? Why don’t they ever seem to end? What is the ingredient of happy marriage? Well if there is one that ever exists.

As a grown-up, I think I am able to see the logic of happy marriages.

Marriage is a very ethereal relationship where not only people but two families are involved so it becomes very important plus difficult sometimes, to take it to eternity. So for happy marriage secret ingredient is intimacy.

You know what Iam thinking just at the thought of this. Remember this  track?

How true!

…lets talk about sex baby

Lets talk about you and me

Lets talk about all the good things and bad things that may be

Lets talk about sex…

Well! Yeah! Thats what it is, believe me or not. It IS ‘sex.’

Intimacy is a secure emotional connection that lets free to be a wonderfully strange self and when you reveal in an ardent affectionately passionate way how special your partner is to you and everything about him. How special are those bits of them that are solely for your eyes that instantly deepens the connection. Simply, coz they belong to them and you love them.

Emotional and physical intimacy involves sharing something deeply personal. It is opening up of your heart, body and soul to your special someone. No secrets between the two, you know what he is like, he knows what she is like. Emotionally, physically, spiritually, mentally. You KNOW one another. Emotions bare, your physical map bare, all of it. Opening up can only foster intimacy. So go first. Keep in mind the principle of I am all yours and you are all mine. You see me as I am and I see you as you are. It is very important to give first if you want to get. It is all about give and take with all you have, with all you are.

Other things can help somewhat too. Long conversations on life, love, money, career, future, fantasy and much more can help in developing intimacy because you’ll get to know each other better. Expressing gratitude, helping your partner in achieving their goals n dreams and not focusing on what you want from them, knowing what they actually want from life, lending an ear sometimes and not fixing the problem makes them feel connected to you and talking about your darkest secrets can help you develop closeness.

Nothing builds intimacy between a couple more than to open up and share with each others their surrendering moments. That one moment of losing it all, losing yourself and winning them. When each knows that they belong to each other.

Taking them through the memory lane. Expressing how you felt as a child and things that hurt you when you were young gives your partner a real insight into what shaped you as an adult. That understanding of how you felt in good times and bad as a child really allows your partner to see your vulnerabilities.

It is rather strange but knowing and understanding each other vulnerabilities might make you feel vulnerable, well may be! But also creates a deep bond. It can keep all shades of intimacy in your relationship- romantic, sexual, spiritual, psychological and intellectual. However, if sharing your vulnerability results in falling apart of your marriage, then there wasn’t that much of a marriage, to begin with, and you just saved yourself from a waste of time.

Focusing your attention on each other at a  basic step leading to greater trust and communication. Discussing your romance can be the best conversation a couple can have, it’s just about how they feel about each other. It is rekindling the passion and fire that is well inside you. You just need to reignite it.

To me, personally, intimacy is classified into three parts:

It is all about the art of seduction

  • Bodily, seduce my body
  • Mentally, seduce my minds
  • Emotionally, seduce my heart

You need the entire PIE, not just piece of it. Go grab your’s now!

Seduce your way to your pie.

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