Always be true to yourself and your partner

An old saying “Honesty is the best policy” that works throughout the life, at each and every stage of life. There are numerous of relationships we come across in our lifetime and all of them survive on the concrete habit, that is HONESTY.

Be it a self arranged marriage or parents arranged marriage, the love will automatically bloom and flourish, and in a few cases might even fade away eventually.  This fading away of the love can be escaped only if you and your partner choose to build your relationship on the pedestal of honesty.  Being true to yourself and your partner helps you to maintain the spark of your relationship through the bad times most importantly.  However, there are times when being true might bring hurdles for a few days, but looking towards the long run it saves you from the permanent damage that a lie might cause.  The love is the ultimate destination for a happy life and a harmonious relation.

Honesty is the very basic habit, attitude that is taught during the childhood itself, but we do not consider it as important later in the life, and we choose vices instead of virtues. The truth is always said to be hard and bitter, but it never creates bitterness into the relationship. Each one of us should be honest with each and every person whom we consider important and we love, no matter how trifling the matter is  or how huge it is.  The connection that a husband- wife shares truly is tightened  by the honesty and love only which goes hand in hand.

There are ups and down, good phase and bad phase in everybody’s life , but the most beautiful thing with the husband and wife is that they share all these phases together with each others support, motivation and comfort.  Most definitely one has to be honest, especially during the time of crisis, the bad phase, maybe after a tiff, to solve the things calmly and without any pre- judgement. This honesty makes your partner fall in love with you even more and trust you more than themselves. They would never want to leave your side and will always make sure and do their best to keep the relationship as new as day one.

You never know when you might fall out of love, to avoid this distance you need to be true and honest towards the closeness and talk about it to your partner. A relationship goes well balanced when both the partners work towards it equally so, that this bond never breaks and you become one instead of two separate individuals.  This pedestal of honesty becomes stronger by each day passing and showering love into the relationship.  And this gives you to dive right into the relation  and catch hold of love, purity and truth live forever and not just for a few moments.

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