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Secret Facts You Need To Know About Consanguinous Marriages.

Marriages are one of a kind when considered by the aspect of culture,race,age difference, social backgrounds and personalities. But, when it comes to marriages between blood relatives, termed consanguineous marriages, many eyebrows get raised immediately. So, why is the prospect of marriage so questionable regards to their longevity and procreation? According to the Wikipedia definition, […]

Lost and found

“Will you marry me?” Asked Gaurav, a colleague of mine. We had been working in the same organisation but in different verticals and seen each other for a while now but not really talked a lot. I was astonished at it. He didn’t even ask me if I liked him or there was a certain […]

My Kind of Fairy Tale

We have been married for six years now, yet it seems, it was just yesterday. I still remember our first meeting. Those beaming eyes and flashing smile, those perfectly toned muscles. He seemed like a Greek sculpture designed with the utmost perfection. We belong to a lower middle class family and as is the trend, […]

When arrangements get deranged

Image Courtesy 2)An arranged marriage with problems created by the spouse or in -laws Scenario: Consider a perfect arranged marriage decision, where Mr. M is interested in meeting Ms. W after looking up her profile on a matrimonial site. It is awkward at first but they enjoy each other’s company and start liking each other. […]