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Top Five Secrets of a Great Work life After Breakup
No breakup is easy , be it a short-lived one or after many years of courtship. Even the seemingly rigid[...]
FLY: First Love Yourself
"Self love isn't selfish." I read this witty line sometime back and since then haven;t really forgotten it. Being somebody[...]
If He Truly Loves You
Men aren’t always going to be so communicative in relationships. And that’s why you really need to take it upon[...]
Dismantlement of relationships
Marriage is a pious alliance of two people and families involved. The relationship speaks of the love, care, trust ,[...]
Few balances for a balanced relationship!
Have you ever noticed how all the railway tracks are always parallel to each other and are joined by a[...]
Top Five Tips to be a Good Listener
“Every good conversation starts with a good listener”, and yes that is so true. Imagine a couple trying to put[...]

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Why seek marriage counselling in the first place? When gone astray in life, particularly when facing relationship issues it’s more than easy to feel 'nothing can help' and it's natural to feel that way. Whilst most of us try hardest giving our best shot to work things on their own. THAT is where we falter, coz our instinctive response to problems is - I can take charge!Truth is though that is when you NEED help, not any help but professional help, experts who are skilled at reading human psychology that make or break relationships. It is naive of us to ignore how incredibly life saving seeking out expert advice is.

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