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Husband Wife Relationship

Who are We? We are ’Husband Wife Relationship’- We celebrate husband and wife relationship in all its imperfect glory! Husband Wife Relationship holds that any relationship lead-lived is a bitter-sweet symphony. No relationship ever is devoid of any sort of blemishes, raggedy edges. None that always remains 'happy ever after.' At one point in time, it does wear out. It does tend to go seamlessly at some point in time. Ups and down in a relationship is a common sighting. We all know that this is all a part and parcel of a marriage. To be fair, all relationships need babying, mothered, looked after to keep it going. We need to give it all we have got to make things work against the odds.

We here, through husband wife relationship, have made a humble attempt to make marriage a beautiful experience. A journey worth making. A wholehearted fervor to make every experience count. After an in-depth analysis, counselling with professionals, undertaking extensive research in order to figure a solution to inherent difficulties-challenges within the relationship. Husband Wife Relationship came into existence. Here, we have discussions, possible question and answers within marriage and everything that marriage is likely to transpire into. Starting right from premarital counselling. Attempted solutions to varied problems, challenges, gaps within the institution of marriage via delicately knitted stories that essentially mean to provide what the querent seek. 

We mean a compassionate handholding to one and all who may be treading on this difficult path. Everyone faces problems in the relationship. During such situations, naturally, one may feel like they are stuck in the middle of nowhere and have no one to turn to. We want you to know, YES! This is quite normal. If you are trapped in a confused state. Worry no more. We are here to help you. That's the very reason we exist in the first place. 

Husband Wife Relationship understands and realizes that nothing no relation as such is ever perfect. We respect and realize the realities of life. We are NOT here to judge anyone. We lend an honest ear to the most heartfelt experiences. 

The subjects discussed here encompass

• Married.
• To be married.
• Singles.
• Taboos within and outside marriage.
• Individuals grappling with post parting issues

Reality and outcome of extra-marital affairs. There are no negating probabilities of relationships occurring as a consequence of a failed marriage. We here have attempted to create relevance through investigating into various areas of marriage which people hesitate talking about in general.??

What we aspire and look to achieve

We give a sneak peek and creak open the door to the innumerable possibilities of finding your happiness. Improving your emotional health within a relationship. Especially couples within marriage.  As simple as it might sound, complex it is. We are here to- Explore / Investigate / Understand / Provide answers / Figure solutions 

Faced with any sort of challenges. Any problems of couples within a relationship in a wedlock. We are here to provide solutions to all. ??I do strongly believe that marriages CAN work brilliantly. Not suggesting in any way that it is for faint hearted 🙂 

To be a husband or wife and delivering the expectations is NOT an easy feat. I promise you that much. Having said that I do believe there are certain things that determine a happy marriage. To me, that has come to mean premarital discussions and agreement between the to be bride and groom. Personally, this would and should apply to all religions and culture. This will kill the problems at the very root and ensure a happy beginning and smoother marriages. Lucky are those who are graced with friends from across religions. An open minded person unbiasedly feels there are some innate problems within this institution which I hope fades away paving the way to brighter, happier life.

• Being born and brought up in an Indian family. I totally believe in the visions of the marriage. Marriage in our society must include these points:
• The to be bride and the groom must have clear-cut expectations laid down and discussed prior to the marriage taking place.
• This, when taking place must be an open forum for both. To be bride and groom must discuss in detail what might entail the most important elements of the successful marriage.
• Discussion, consent, and agreement are key elements in marriage before tying the knot and must be done.
• Once the to be bride and groom ace the consensus. Should the respective parents of the to be bride and groom have any concerns. They should be open to discussing it till a solution is reached.
• Besides, I am happy to be able to make a space for those who need being heard. Expect to provide a connect to the readers-audiences and induce a ‘feel good factor’ by letting them know. We are definitely NOT alone. Challenges are a part of life and we can well cope with it. Find our happiness. Create happiness. Develop healthy positive atmosphere. 

Clear Clutter
Happy to listen to anyone and everyone that have anything, in particular, to say that might be a concern for them. Pertaining to any big or small things that are worrying you. It may be around your marriage or maybe just outside a relationship. Day to day problems or most angst-filled existentialist issues. If anything at all, I mean anything is troubling you. Drop us a message! You need something discussed. Let us know what you need help with.