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Always be true to yourself and your partner
An old saying “Honesty is the best policy” that works throughout the life, at each and every stage of life.[...]
Relation between a husband and wife requires honesty, trust and faith
 Swarna an independent woman who decided to stay out of marriage because she did not found revealing. She was happy[...]
Like they say “Marry your best friend”.
You spend your entire adult life with your spouse, you experience joys and sorrows of life together. Your spouse is[...]
Have you asked yourself these questions before getting married ?
Marriage is serious business, you are committing to each other and to building a life with each other ‘for better[...]
ME TIME amidst the WE TIME
Every relationship is a balancing act with personal space—between personalities, between wants and needs, and between spending time together and[...]
Only You Are To Decide
ONLY YOU ARE TO JUDGE the strange relationship between you and him……………… Tonight when the mercury is falling and there[...]

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Why seek marriage counselling in the first place? When gone astray in life, particularly when facing relationship issues it’s more than easy to feel 'nothing can help' and it's natural to feel that way. Whilst most of us try hardest giving our best shot to work things on their own. THAT is where we falter, coz our instinctive response to problems is - I can take charge!Truth is though that is when you NEED help, not any help but professional help, experts who are skilled at reading human psychology that make or break relationships. It is naive of us to ignore how incredibly life saving seeking out expert advice is.

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