The End of an Era

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As I put the last piece of a fragile item into the box, an unannounced exclamation defining the end of an era rang like a cry in the barren valley. It was a shiny trinket box, an heirloom, a memory of people and of calm happy days. We lived in a cramped but beautiful 2BHK that was made into a home by novice hands; self-painted walls, the balcony garden of our dreams, our dog Byomkesh and a hammock by the side. 6 years and I had submerged myself in complete eternity to this life. Today, as the day finally arrives, it is like a jerk back to reality. As anxious eyes meet as if for the last time, there is sorrow, but most importantly good wishes conveyed through the silent haze of this unfathomable situation.


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Marriage was never an option. We wanted togetherness. It was a combinative persuasion of the families which eventually brought out an unknown zest for the husband and wife role-playing in ourselves. And the experience was brilliant. Both terrible at being adults, we lived a life like a hippie induced lifestyle of smoke and travel. Our living room was practically where we stayed and through those movie nights, we grew and learnt things together. Dancing over wine to sharing a smoke, it was explicable. There was love, respect, passion that made us into the benchmark of a happy couple of our friends and family. We travelled almost every month with savings gone down the drain, living for the moment. The foundation of such peace in our lives came from the fact that we had our own separate professional lives which were never intruded by one another. He is a data analyst, me a writer. There was a notified demarcation of workspaces which belonged to me or to him as and when required. These spaces sometimes acted out as solace corners during ‘I never want to see your face again’ times of mayhem. Gradually, behind absently minded regularity, a certain distance clawed out demanding more and more alone time. Initially, doubtful assumptions crowded inner conscience, but in no time, the mental proceedings came out in the open over a glass of wine and a shared cigarette. As time went by, conversations receded, mutual fondness was far out of sight, one set of bedding moved to the sofa and so on and so forth. For over 15 months, things were tried and tested and the souls finally grew out of love completely.


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The Packers have emptied out my things as their honking trucks made it out of the gate towards the new abode. “Is that it?” I wondered as flocks of memories danced about in futile attempts to hold me back. It was time for that friendly hug of goodbyes and good lucks and as I turn to leave behind a part of my heart, our yellow lab barks that leads to the three of us settling on the hammock with two glasses of sparkling wine and one shared cigarette, for one last time.


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