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Love is Blind

I am Meenakshi Gayan, I have just completed my studies in engineering and started working. My boyfriend of three years Rajeev Acharya is still studying, actually trying to complete his graduation for last three years. He was disqualified from his college as he was not being able to clear his subjects. In fact, he has […]

New beginnings

“Is it time I should get married?” “How do some people get somebody so good while some don’t?”. “Mmmmm. Should I really meet the guys my mom wants me to?” “Or should I focus on my work more?” And many more should I’s and should I not’s kept popping up from my brain sending signals […]

The moment she fell in love!

The moment she fell in love! The very first time Naina and Abhay met at a place which symbolizes love for decades.How could they not fall in love? Naina belongs to a small town in Uttar Pradesh and Abhay is from the city of love .. city of Taj “Agra”. Although Naina has never stepped […]