Seven Years From Now

It all began when I was back at my home relishing every moment of the most awaited break from college.

The sun rose every morning waking me up to a day full of most solicitous people lingering around me; while mom bought mouth watering breakfast dad procured delicious cakes and cookies before he left for office. I just couldn’t stop munching all day until I felt bloated enough and left for my grandma’s place and she too would embrace me all day.

You know, you will always run out of words at moments like these; that care so involuntary, that love so pure but somewhere in the middle of all this I always looked for a person who would remember me at his work, take out time when he has none and make me feel like I am his part which if missing it makes him go crazy.

I would often call my best friend and ask her to find me a guy like that,

“Get out of that fairytale love”, she said. “It doesn’t exist”.

It happened every alternate day and we would both end up laughing and cracking earthly jokes until one day while going through my phone I found a snap of one of my very old friend whom I almost had forgotten. It wasn’t that I didn’t reminisce about him but toiling at the college projects for a whole long  year got us a bit apart with some really self limited accusations.

I would everyday go through his feed but never drop a single text. I had never seen him but I liked him always. We were friends over texts. The deep conversations we had about life, certain incidents he had faced and how he came out of those to grow up into a self stood man made me pray for him every day. It was not long back when I would get high with my friends, find an escape from their room and talk to him for hours. We would talk about his pets and I would turn back the topic to my blunts and how they made me feel. He had his share of girlfriend issues to discuss every time though.

That day as a matter of my regime I clicked onto his feed again and to my astonishment it showed an arm with a drip inserted in and blood oozing out of it captioned “Typhoid hit me so bad”.

I couldn’t keep my calm and texted him after like 7 or 8 months.

“Hey when did this happen? I am sorry I didn’t know. How are you now?”

“You would but only if you asked for my health even once. I wasn’t well since days and doctors found it out to be typhoid. I am better now. Thanks for asking.”

I felt bad hearing to this. It wasn’t only me who didn’t connect. Even he didn’t. But anyways he was sick and I had to admit my part.

After an hour or so of chatting we could finally carry the conversation further to a much better state. I still don’t know how the stars turned out to be in our favor that day. A few more days of talking to each other and I found myself getting pretty worried about him every second. I would often feel like running up to his ward in the other city and doing anything possible to not let him feel his mother wasn’t there.

He had lost his parents long back. Lost or not I don’t know; it was a flood so bad that no one could ever figure out whether they were alive or not.

In the midst of all this he finally got discharged from the hospital and I was at peace but just then a crisis hit my city and all the networks were ceased.

The ceased networks baited my breath for the first time in life when I couldn’t talk to him for the whole day. I found myself killing time amongst people I once lived for.

Why was it so? The self queries knew no end till it was 10 o clock at night and my phone blinked. I knew the network towers were now on so I grabbed my phone and texted him for at least a hundred time asking him about his health and whereabouts. I didn’t want to be portrayed clingy but I didn’t stop.

Just a few seconds difference and I received a text

“Hey where have you been the whole day? I came back home in the morning. Everyone is here but I miss you”.

It was the first time my heart skipped a beat.

Just after a prolonged conversation he said, “I love you”. He used to say that more often before too and every time I would say “I love you too”, without even giving it a second glance but I felt different now.

Unaware whether he was feeling the same I said, “I love you too”.

My eyes popped out waiting for what he was going to write next and it came,

“I don’t want it to end up like every other relationship I was into. You are special. Promise me you’ll stay.

What else than tears and smile could this bring to me.

“I thought I was just another girl in your list”.

“No, you aren’t. You have my word. Now do you promise me your love forever?”

“I do”

It’s been 7 years since then. Who knew it would grow so pure that we will have two lovely kids who would upon us as figures of love.


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  1. i am just curious to know whether you are the same syed atrooba qureshi who used to study in mallinson

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