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The A to Z of Marriage

It is quite an achievement to win over someone’s admiration and affection, An agreement, an alliance or an ardent attraction The bachelor turns beloved, with the bride and eternal blessings A bow and that glance, and bouquets with everyone binging The ceremonies and celebration, to be cherished with compassion A companionship of consent ,of the […]

The Wedding Ring

It seemed unending , the time kept ticking Cathy glanced at that hour glass, smoothly slipping The last gift of her love, still tricking away His touch and smell, still so far away… She had found him dead, lying still one morning His grey hairs glistening, the sunlight dawning It was his 75 th birthday, […]

He is married

She said- I am in love, but I am afraid, She said- the feeling is strong, but unsaid. I feel butterflies at his sight, Heartbeats skipped the moment he eyed. So why don’t you tell him? – I inquired. A deep breath, she sighed! “I can’t”- she mumbled, “I want to, but I can’t”- she […]


Marriage is a beautiful bond,  Why overshadow it with a dowry grand? A father gives a daughter, A brother gives her sister, Mr Groom, is she less than some oyster?   Money, jewellery and furniture, Are they really worth more than her? She gives up loved ones to be with you. Is it really wise […]

The Housewife

A bunch of his friends came home today to see his bride, Enthusiastically, they asked, how is it to be a housewife? Before she could utter a word, Her husband smirked, Easy as hell, After all, they only sit and enjoy the luxury very well. Just some food to cook, some utensils to clean, What […]

My Grave of Emotions

He said I am getting married, Tone was low and eyes were grounded, Wonderful news- I was sounding elated. Congratulations! I chirped, Our eyes met as he looked straight into me, A tear drop was finally set free. You do not understand yet? – He asked, Falling short of words for the first time, What […]

The Saran

They met online, Where everything seems so glittery and brown. They fixed a place, Where they would exchange a gaze. Unaware of the world, unaware of the fears, They moved towards each other in a haste. Finally the day arrived, To meet and exchange smiles. She was dressed as a fairy, And he draped a […]

A planned divorce

Image Courtesy Late one night she arrived in her new SUV The watchman jerked awake, hurting his knee Alice smiled tremulously, feeling quite crappy Nowhere was visible her only trustee   She reached her apartment quite cosy, Trying to not appear too drowsy Her eyes fell on the polished mirror Sitting majestic on the first […]

A broken promise

Image Courtesy It had all started six years ago Time handed over the final blow Etched like jagged shards of glass Shattering all my dreams alas! “I have to go Ahmed, I am sorry”, Rani had whispered softly. With folded hands, quite shaky Kohl- lined eyes dripping with tears She had succumbed to her fears […]

A terrible wish

Image Courtesy Chatting online in her free time, Sia stumbled upon a site, FriendFind Made many online friends Of every age and trend But the one named Hamid, She could not really forget They chatted for hours Days passed by and friendship grew No culture, no religion Did their relationship follow She left her job, […]

Cheers to a perfect beginning

Image Courtesy Saw an ebullient crowd, celebrating their win Couldn’t hear my friend’s voice in the din ” Hey, isn’t that David, the one shooting spray?” My eyes finally rested on his auburn hair Laughing easily, entertaining his folk He stopped in his tracks as heard me croak! I couldn’t muster a word, stammering quite speechless […]