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Romantic Love Messages for Husband / Wife. Share with your husband / wife these romantic, cute, love messages.

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1) I am your secret lover

2) Thanks for being my better -half

3) I feel blessed to be your spouse

4) You are my strength and my motivation.

5) You are my first and last love.

6) Getting married to you was the best decision of my life.

7) Thanks for being the best father/mother to our kids.

8) You handle family issues like a pro!

9) When did you learn to give such a relaxing massage? My body pain has vanished completely!

10) You smile like the sun and blind me with your love.

11) I respect you for giving me my personal space. I really mean it.

12) I cannot get over the romantic reality of wedded bliss , all because of you!

13) I would love to marry you , over and over again.

14) Thank you for being so considerate.

15) I have a lot to learn from you , with patience for a start?

16) Our kids are/will lucky to have you as their parent.

17) You definitely know how to make my smile.

18) Hand in hand, we will walk forever…

19) You have a great sense of humor.

20) You are so adorably naughty.

21) You lead, and I will follow.

22) Life would have been hell without you.I mean it.

23) I love the way you hold me.

24) Thanks for being my best buddy.

25) You take care of my parents the same way as yours’. I am flattered.

26) My parents are blesses with the best son-in-law/daughter-in-law.

27) Your touch is enough to excite me.

28) I married a superstar.

29) Wouldn’t I love to escape to an island with you where we were all alone.

30) You are my anchor, which holds me in deep troubles.

31) You are my wind , which helps me soar in the right direction.

32) I don’t need a mirror, I see my reflection in your soulful eyes.

33) You are the man/woman of my dreams.

34) True love is melting in your arms.

35) Your hug dissolves all my sorrows.

36) They say love is true only after marriage. I believe it now.

37) Thanks for taking care of our home .

38) You are always so presentable and well-groomed.

39) You always give my ego a boost. Thanks for being that special one.

40) Your charming persona electrifies me on the spot!

41) Marry me again!

42) You are the apple of my i…No, you are the icon of my i!

43) I thank my idol spouse for this idyllic life we lead .

44) I is for immaculate, which describes my better half.

45) Altruistic and alluring, thanks for being so daring.

46) I will always love you back, no matter what.

47) Our love is like flawless water, taking the shape of every mould of life.

48) Life is a fairytale, now that you are with me.

49) You make me feel like a King/Queen every day.

50) I want to live till eternity to love you even more.

51) That look in your eyes gives me the reason to live life more fully.

52) I see myself alive in you, safe in your heart forever..

53) That bright smile of yours makes me go weak in the knees even today.

54) The ideal spouse does not exist now, he/she has been taken by me!

55) You complete me. Period.

56) Thanks for making cooking so romantic!

57) Watching TV was never so much fun, until I married you .

58) All men are the same, they say. Meet my husband , and say it again.

59) You are my kaleidoscope. We are the two mirrors, with the V beautifying our unique loVe forms.

60) I am adamant that I will love you forever.

61) Beguiling, enticing and tempting. That’s my spouse’s voice which I listen every morning.

62) I will bend over backwards to please you every time.

63) I really love going that extra mile to see your sorrow disappear in a flash.
64) I am head over heels in love with you. I never get tired in this position!

65) It was love at first sight when I saw your charming face.

66) Having an affectionate partner like you is an icing on the cake.

67) We are a match made in heaven , all thanks to your efforts …

68) I am lucky to get the best of both worlds, as your lover and as a father/mother to our wonderful kids…

69) You are the love of my life. For you, I will go the whole nine yards.

70) I never really tire of saying those three little words to you…

71) I am already ready to tie the knot with you again!

72) I wear my heart on my sleeve nowadays, all thanks to Your Captivating Love…

73) Are you absolutely sure, beyond a shadow of a doubt,

74) that you are guilty of the crime of loving me so much?

75) If I ever went on a blind date, and it would not be you who would turn up.

76) I would surely go blind…

77) They say love is blind, but I would not mind being deaf and dumb too, with an amazing life-partner like you to guide me forever.

78) You took my breath away, I am gasping for your love since then…

79) You are my best dream, which has come true finally.

80) Those sweet nothings you whisper in my ear, make me lose my sleep my dear!

81) You have a heart of gold, and it makes our relationship shine so bright.

82) Thanks for being my invisible container in which I can pour my heart out every day.

83) You are my Loyal, Obedient, Vibrant Equal.

84) Thank you for being so forgiving for my blunders. I really appreciate it.

85) I do not update my wish-list anymore, all thanks to you!

86) Even if we will be together by night, I cannot help but miss you the entire day.

87) You are the leading light of my life, engulfing the darkness of whichever unknown path I choose.

88) Thank you for loving and accepting me as I am .

89) You stole my heart, now I will steal your surname!

90) You are the jewel of my life, the apple of my eye, I can go on and on now…

91) Beyond you, nothing I can see. Have you spelt a cast on me?

92) Thank you for being the best thing that ever happened to me.

93) The purpose of my life is: Love you. And Repeat Infinitely.

94) A love poem for you? Nah, I think an epic of love would suffice…

95) Words of love or kisses of love, you decide?

96) Romance is in the air, nonstop , as you are always by my side.

97) I have stopped reading romance, all thanks to you!

98) Do I need to give you any more cues that I love you?

99) My unconscious signs of attraction are the seal of my love for you.

100) Thanks to you for making me a hopeless romantic!

101) I almost always wear rose colored glasses, now that you are my spouse.

102) Ich liebe Dich, I swore I said “I love you “.( in German! Don’t get me wrong.

103) Ti amo, short and sweet, I love you .(in Italian!) 

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