Distance and Its Cure

Husband Wife Relationship

Day 1 (When it all began)

Husband Wife Relationship
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 Your love for me and my love for you is ominous, yet inordinate.

“I love you too”, I would say.

“How much?” you would ask.

I could never find the right words to tell you then.

But everything has found a way to claim my conscience.

I find pleasure in watching the wind blow through corrupt society. I find pleasure in seeing distant lands or two insignificant souls bond over meagre conversations. I find pleasure by watching you sleep, eat, move, blink, and breathe.

I would reveal myself to you both black and white and be swayed by your imperfections and virtue.

I would put together everything I have ever felt for anyone and still find myself standing at an altitude high above all.

As you look at me with awe and admiration into my eyes, I would look into yours and take your hands in mine and say, “This is how much I have fallen in love with you”.

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Day 712 (The cat and me)

Those were times of yore. Those were times before the worldly commotion began. Then came separation. Not by choice. But by the inescapable virtue of turning adult that announces itself in the name of a job. Lulling recitations, secret getaways, wine over the stereo, breaking into a dance, watering the plants, giving in and giving out; all ceased to exist. What remained were distorted virtual beings craving for one touch.

Our cat misses you.

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Day 750 (Adjusting)

“It is our dimension of reality check. Just a year more. Meanwhile, you sing and dance and shed some blood, be brave and be loved, thank somebody, get high at an unexpected domiciliary, remember your teachers, be a grown kid in disguise, make faces at bored babies, watch them enjoy your company, wish on falling eyelashes, straighten up, straighten out, jump 3 steps on the stairs at work, built a castle out of sand, doodle our bathroom walls, take pictures, run favours, offer rides, believe in fantasies, recognise the universal struggle, feel empathy for the dog, feed our cat, water our plants, notice patterns in conversations, be a mystery to others and a miracle to me. This is when we grow, through pain and occasional subtle comforts of shaky authentic positivity. You don’t have to carry our hope. I will be back in no time.”

Husband Wife Relation
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Day 750(As night descends)

Another abhorred day ends with you holding me strong through insane, unbearable loneliness with poetry and dreams.

Husband Wife Relationship
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