Falling In Love Is Easy, Maintaining Is Difficult.

As per our mythological scripture, God created a Man (Adam). Man was alone for a time, became frustrated. There was no one for him to identify with. To identify with him physically and psychologically, God created a woman as man’s companion. Slowly tremendous longing to be together was born between Man and Woman. They felt incomplete without each other. With the fleeting time, the euphoric feeling of being attracted to each other was named as Love and Love became the integral part of our existence.

And then with the evolution of Man Kind, Human became selfish and self centered. Alternate views on Love, Grabbing and holding mentality, and identity crisis started to take place and created conflict between Man and Woman. Loving and being loved for long time turned out to be complex.

However today, love is stimulated by the waves of infatuation. By putting little extra efforts, you can compel others to fall for you. But as and when the real persona of an individual surfaces, we get upset. When other’s behavior doesn’t match with our expectations, we feet a bump. When we don’t see our dreams coming true, frustration steals our happiness. The waves of infatuation fall apart. Our Love starts disappointing us. Instead of bond, disagreement gets into our relationship.

Today we are looking for not only euphoric infatuation; but a feeling which deeply connects to two human beings. We want to sustain those euphoric feelings, but we can’t. We want to deepen bonds between us; but we are not able to do so.

In our consumer society, everyone is carrying the bundle of expectations on their heads and package of dreams in their eyes. Everyone is taming identical thought process. In giving it a try to match the individuality, falling in Love is often easy but sustaining our Love has become difficult.

If we try to figure out honestly, we will observe that the problem lies within us. We are holding out our attitude, mentality and our views in our hands. Our self-esteem doesn’t allow us to give up. The first and foremost step we have to take is to surrender. We have to get a rid of our self-centered attitude, throw away our views, our identity and our self-esteem. It is difficult; but not impossible.

Talk, Talk & Talk, Never Accuse:

Blaming your partner will worsen the situation. Don’t accuse, just talk. Talk to each other! Talking helps keep your perspective on what’s important in your lives together. Positive conversation will carve the way out to the path of resolution.

Understand Other, Not Yourself:

You have been walking on the wrong way for long time. Don’t think about yourself. Just try to understand your partner. Try to figure out what He/She is looking for. Visualize the situation from your partner’s perspective. This will definitely help you understand other.

Have Patience, Avoid Rush:

Patience always compels others to realize. As this change over of personality takes time, don’t rush. Rush will stop the process of change over.

Compromise, Don’t Confront:

When reaching to the conclusion, avoid sticking to you guns. Confrontation at all times worsens the situation and takes you back to the square. If you compromise, your partner will also follow you.

Give, Don’t Expect:

Give Away! Give away without expectation. If both of the characters try to give something away to each other without any expectation, it will automatically reduce the bitterness.

Keep Your Love & Romance alive:

You’re not going to get the life ever again. With due respect to each other love your partner at your best. Love is only element that keeps your life healthy, happy and worth living.

Life is very short. Every one lives for themselves. Real is the one who lives for others. Let’s try to be a little human. Let’s try to put a little smile on someone’s lips and then experience the joy of that smile. I bet you will feel life worth living.

My Dear Friends,

Do you think it is worth to waste time trying to search a better alternative as your life partner?

Let me know. I’m awaiting your feedback.

And yes, if you have any Relationship issue, please let us know, we will try to resolve.

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