How does it feel to love someone who doesn’t love you back?

I Loved you with all I have
You left me after everything you had.

It is very difficult to lose someone you love especially when the person you love, very easily lets you go. Every love story is not always successful and if you are reading this then I guess something has to happened to you too.

It all started with no sorry, no thank you and ended with sorry for everything it was a mistake

Yes, I met you, there was a good sense of attraction at least according to me. You were a divorcee and I, a bachelor. You are 32 and I 27. You are a Sindhi and I, a Tamilian.

But you are a girl and I, a boy. That’s how I saw. You too admitted the fact. You knew everything right from my financial status to my feelings for you. You asked for time to accept my proposal. I waited because I loved you. You called it friendship but played with my feelings and put me in an emotional roaster with sudden highs and colds giving mixed signals to me.

I still waited only to be used and heart broken. You proposed me, you caught my hands and kissed me. I still asked what if your parents reject? You asked me to wait and you will convince your parents. You went home and finally said you are not interested in the relationship because of your past. Then why all the exchange of words? Why the double game?

You had no words. You postponed the dates. You loved the enjoyment and excitement but it killed me inside. On Jan 2017 the day came of the deadline which you assigned for yourself, you said don’t wait for me.

When we met you said you were not ready for a relationship and I am a Bachelor and you are a divorcee. So can we be friends?

I denied it.

You still cuddled me and asked me to delete the messages which you sent on the account that you will continue talking to me.

I did it for you.

You went home and ghosted away.

I called and called and called you never answered. You finally said don’t call me or else I’ll call the cops.

Sorry for everything.

Why are you sorry my unrequited love?

I am sorry for my own self because I trusted you and loved you with everything I had.

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