You manoeuvre your relationship 5 things one must never do in a relationship

We have all experienced our highs and lows of being in several relationships that completely drains you off your energy, enthusiasm and sometimes even belief. Then one fine day you meet this person, who makes you feel so special, all weak in your knees, says all the right things,makes you feel like you always wanted to and BOOM you are in another relationship in a wink of an eye even before you realise it could happen.

Everything’s perfect and you start to feel that this IS the person you have waited for so long, and perhaps there is a possibility of this relationship going all the way and getting over all challenges. Inside your head there is the little skeptic screaming, wondering why isn’t there something wrong yet? Am I going to goof up soon?

Well!  let me tell you, regardless of the very many ‘X-es’ you might have, apart from that little skeptic hidden in us, nothing does ever go wrong. Well, not unless you go extreme and do these 5 things.

Mantra to a great relationship is- Never do things that trigger the so not done, for there might be just another relationship you might be falling out of!

1)Never argue, you could well be wrong, accept it

For most of our arguments, We try to justify and keep giving rebuttals, arguing our breadth out to prove our point. To what consequence? Losing a relation? Remember, everyone has a point of view, you are no exception. You could well be wrong coz point of views are just perceptions which differ from person to person.

Agree to Disagree.

And take a blow if that calms the situation. Of Course, don’t be run over all the time. But sometimes you can let go of that strong headedness.

2)Never talk your partner down

Never belittle them! Disrespect is the start of the crack in any relationship. When the romance starts to sink, the pally phase begins where you are all fun and jokes.

Don’t go overboard with jokes. Do not snub them. It is the dissing that is NOT right. Do not try to change your partner. Stupidest of things like their habbits-them being late or managing to drop food while eating. These could trigger unnecessary arguments. We don’t want that happening.

3)Never Dig Graves

What’s long gone and buried is past, not the present. Not fair for you to judge them on the basis of the past which you are completely unaware of.  What is the truth, truth! you may never know what was. Try not raking the most sensitive issues that takes things out of context.

Simple as such nod along, pacify. STOP there.

4)Never open Secrets

Your partners secrets are to be kept, try not to share them out with anyone and everyone. Respect their confidence and privacy. Don’t ever make them a subject of gossip. Learn to keep Confidence. Know you are far more special when they are letting you deeper into their lives.

5)Never not Listen

Be all ears. Don’t be a jabberwocky! Listen! Silence can help you connect way better. Learn to listen, whether its a vent out or a story or even an advice.

Sometimes just saying OK can be OK!

It is all the things we hear, read or listen that somehow creates dent in a relationship, making it far more complicated. Always know that no method can be full proof apart from knowing and believing in yourself.

Tips are guidelines to calm your raging mind. Keep reading them to channelise your mind. Nothing is too much and Nothing is too less.

You manoeuvre your relationship! Remember.

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