A planned divorce


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Late one night she arrived in her new SUV

The watchman jerked awake, hurting his knee

Alice smiled tremulously, feeling quite crappy

Nowhere was visible her only trustee


She reached her apartment quite cosy,

Trying to not appear too drowsy

Her eyes fell on the polished mirror

Sitting majestic on the first floor

She could not help but look in shock

This ugly transformation after wedlock…


She had been so pretty and healthy

When Alex had entered her life

But the unexpected turn of events

Had made their marriage so dry


That day she could not forget

When she heard the real truth

That she could never bear their child

Forever lost was her fountain of youth


He had started distancing himself

Staying away for longer hours

As work seemed more absorbing by far

With nothing existing called ours!


She confided in him her fears

But was left devastated with tears

He turned a blind eye to her emotions

Dismissing them as her frustrations


Twas now overwhelmingly painful

To be both one-sided and dutiful

To cut the line he had the courage

Leaving her no option to express outrage


One day she mailed him for a divorce

Just in case matters turned worse

She had indeed lost him forever

The decision was for now or never…


Alice was quite a terror at technology

Had never mailed a proper apology

She made a brave attempt to type

The deciding letter of her life…


Alex read her mail in terror

It had been as usually wrongly delivered

It was addressed to her new lover, Dan

They had been hatching quite a plan


She wrote that she was fed up

But Alex was not ready to give up

She could not wait now forever

As she craved for her new lover


She had planned to have Alex killed

If he finally refused to yield

She had already paid the advance

As she didn’t wanna take the chance


She had mailed the killer his photo

How deadly was her motto

To take revenge or to break up

If he refused to be heads-up!


Alex divorced her the very next day

Fearing the price he would have to pay

He marveled at her stupidity

For she had lacked the artistry…


He confronted her after the divorce

She did not feel so much remorse

When he asked her about Dan

The one who was the real frontman…


He admitted to have read that mail

Which she had sent to Dan as a trail

He asked her if she would keep the promise

To not let him be killed as had been planned…


Alice replied he had nothing to fear

With a face which looked so queer

Their love had such a tragic end

With none of them likely to bend


He tearfully asked where she would go

To her lover Dan or his new foe?

Her shoulders slumped as he wept

What new disaster in life had now crept…


She refused to answer this final question

Thinking to herself, fighting away tears

She finally answered him before leaving

What had really caused this grieving


“No, my dear Alex ,you see”

“ My infertility was driving you crazy”

“My lover Dan does not really exist”

“That divorce email had everything amiss”


He fell down on his knees

“Dear Alice, forgive me please”

“For blaming you for everything

And insulting our wedding ring…”


Alice kneeled down beside him

She did not now confront him

It was her artistry to set him free

He deserved a fertile wife, not she…

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