A story of True Love—Anil Kapoor and Sunita Kapoor

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When we talk about Bollywood marriages and couples who were previously co-stars, we quite often hear about how famous they become after marriage. The never-ending hype and paparazzi seems to hog the privacy out of their lives.

But, there was a famous couple of Bollywood who managed to set an example of true love, without the media publicity and madness and managed to set a classic example of strong marriages.

We are talking about the Mr.India of Bollywood and his gorgeous model wife,Sunita Kapoor.

The Beginning

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He was the typical actor struggling to make a mark in the industry with a meaty role and she was a successful model who had already carved out a niche for herself in the modeling industry.
He used to struggle hard initially to find work and his friends used to plan tactics to find his lady-love. They met one day and did not exchange their numbers or any contact information.
Finally, he could get hold of her number through a friend and they started talking over the phone.

The Courtship

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Love grew as they talked and understood each other with each passing day. They planned to go out for a date in the year 1980 and started liking each other’s company immensely.
She was his first and last love, much like a fairy queen who had charmed him with her voice as he describes that love in those days , “I met her on the telephone, and fell in love with her voice. I feel shy and awkward when I speak about her, but I love speaking about her. She is wonderful she is beautiful; she is the best thing that has happened to me.”
She has managed to create and maintain that aura of mystery around her over the years and that is what attracts Anil to her even more.
She had always been the generous lady love who showered him with gifts and love.

The Pre-Marriage Period

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He used to travel by bus to meet her during her photoshoots and she would try to take out time for him whenever possible. She would sometimes cancel some shoots to be with him.
Once, she had to travel abroad for her modeling assignment for 20-25 days and she was so happy and comforting to Anil. This spoke volumes about her personality as the perfect girl who was always smiling for him in spite of having to separate from him for so many days for the first time.
Anil on the other hand, was trying very hard to break into Bollywood with a meaty role. In 1983, he managed to impress his audience with his performance in the movie,Woh Saat Din.
But, at the back of his mind he only had one thought and that was to get married to Sunita as soon as possible.

Some Hiccups and their Marriage

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They had to convince their families to accept their relationship and give their thumbs up to their marriage. But, with their relationship now known to the industry and the media, many were contemplating his marriage decision with the current success rate in his films.
In 1984, his popular film ,Mausam was released and he was advised by many insiders to postpone his wedding. The reason behind this logic was that an actor lost his or her charm once they got married and settled down with their partners.
He got influenced and postponed his wedding twice but could not stay away from Sunita for so long.He contemplated his decision to give priority to his career or his love and he made the best decision for her by marrying her on May 19, 1984.

Life After Marriage

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Her love and support for Anil grew even more strong after their marriage.She was the real meaning of the phrase,”Behind every successful man is a woman”.
She fully utilized her knowledge of her career to support him in making vital career decisions, dress up for the screen and support him whenever he was traveling by staying with him.
Anil got so used to her company that he respected her as his mentor and true soulmate.
They had three children, Sonam, Rhea and Harshvardhan and they have grown up to set a mark intheir respective careers today.

Relationship Goals

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Despite much media gossip about his alleged affair with Madhuri Dixit, who was paired opposite him in one of his famous movies, Anil refused to budge. He would laugh off any such rumors and keep the gossip mongers to rest when it came to his marriage.
He was forever faithful , loving and supportive of his wife,Sunita and their strong bond remained intact despite much opposition and suspicion.
He cleared many doubts about his affair with , “I got a lot of opportunities to fall in love and out of it, as I worked with many beautiful stars, but I thought to myself whether I wanted 2 minutes of joy or a lifetime of happiness. I am extremely happy with Sunita.”
This showed how strong his love for Sunita was. She was his support and motivation since his initial days of his career when he had none to support him.
It is a strong example of how love can manifest itself in such varied forms of respect, mutual admiration, acceptance and gratefulness.
We wish Anil Kapoor and his better -half,Sunita Kapoor many more happy years of togetherness and love.

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