Adeeba Riaz

  Hi, I am Adeeba.I’m a freelance writer and a full time mom who likes writing intriguing stories and poems. I love leading my readers on an escape from everyday life. Nature is my inspiration and I firmly believe that self confidence is a key to success. My educational background includes an MTech in Computer Science and Engineering. I have a B.E. in Computer Science from M.J. College in Hyderabad, India. I have a research article on machine learning to my credit on IJEIR journal for Engineering research. Art mesmerizes me and reading fiction is my hobby.


8 Stories by Adeeba Riaz

A planned divorce

Image Courtesy Late one night she arrived in her new SUV The watchman jerked awake, hurting his knee Alice smiled tremulously, feeling quite crappy...
0 2 min read

A broken promise

Image Courtesy It had all started six years ago Time handed over the final blow Etched like jagged shards of glass Shattering all my...
0 3 min read

A terrible wish

Image Courtesy Chatting online in her free time, Sia stumbled upon a site, FriendFind Made many online friends Of every age and trend But...
4 2 min read

Cheers to a perfect beginning

Image Courtesy Saw an ebullient crowd, celebrating their win Couldn’t hear my friend’s voice in the din ” Hey, isn’t that David, the one shooting...
3 1 min read

Joined by will or conjoined by tradition? – A Survival guide for staying strong through the thick and thin of joint families.

Contents: 1) Joint families and their structure in India 2) It’s advantages 3) It’s disadvantages 4) Relationships at a glance      i) The...
0 16 min read

Triple Talaq

A detailed word on word analysis of the proposed Bill-Part 4   Let us now talk about the most pressing topics related to our...
2 13 min read

Hold your horses before you walk down the aisle

 Image Courtesy Before you say “Yes” to the love of your life with the belief that “love conquers all”, don’t forget to spoil the...
4 10 min read

Clearing the Communication Gap – The stepping stone of a strong marriage

Image Courtesy It all starts with a diamond ring and the proposal. Well, it may be a surprise or a planned act but the...
2 5 min read

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