‘Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt’s marriage(problems) ‘By the sea’ what do you see? A split?

Wouldn’t we all just love playing the Angelina Jolie & Brad Pitt, the iconic, celebrated couple?
Could the world have ever guessed there could have been sad issues simmering in their marriage too. We know them as stars, the heroes but for a minute almost as if forget they are real people, just like us. Normal human beings, just like we are. With their own set of hurt stings, problems, situations that they probably grapple with,we are obviously so unaware of..

By The Sea-The most infamous movie that seems to have aggravated the already gone wrong marriage, leaving it only to get worse into an ugly split. There have been debates about the reasons like the situations taking a toll on Angelina. Everything said and done, the outcome as if, was a split planned by the cosmos.

Separations are never easy. Stardom doesn’t lessen the pain.

Always been a massive fan of Angelina Jolie & Jennifer Aniston alike. Always enjoyed their movies alike. Such epitomes of perfection of beauty & grace, not forgetting the fine actress that they both are. Still remember, how just the sound of their sheer talk would make me come running to where the Tele was, whichever movie, whatever time it was, all immaterial. If it was either of them, I just HAD to watch it all glued. Pretty much the same at 36, except for the few things that have changed inside of me, in the light of things as they stand today. Instead of noticing what they are wearing, their makeup, that charming flick of their hair, the beautiful grin on their face. I just tend to straight see the woman inside them that is having to go through the heart ache, the same challenges any of us have done, through our separations or in our marriages. Try to feel what they probably did or do. Wonder whether or not they could cope with their situations. Not like you have a choice duh! Stupidly worry if they made the right choice & whether they still miss their X-es. Isnt that funny? Well! Funny Iam. but THIS isn’t. Makes me rather grave and sad that reality is so different from what it should be or lets say is expected to be.

Difficult to cope situations, can’t run away from the noisy crowd

I must admit, wasn’t the best thing to be watching on the tele. The news about the stars splitting. It makes me sad making me feel ever so guilty coz this issue does demand to given some space & sensitivity. Having said that, not that even otherwise, much of that is given, when things occur with us the commons. Do they? People judge, they do have opinions, they strongly make statements on whats wrong or right. Definitely not justified but this is what we have to face.

There has been so much that has been spoken and said about
‘how a marriage is’
‘how a marriage should be’
‘ what does a marriage become’
‘What are the factors that determine it can be salvaged’
‘Is it fair to just simply let things be and carry on being married?’
‘Is breaking the tie, a good idea? Simply call it quits, finish the endless agony?’
‘Give things a benefit of doubt & give it another try?’

Life is SO NOT easy. Surely not a story read or written. Real life is much more complicated than just heart poured on a piece of paper or words typed on the blank screen. It really does boil down to the many things we probably get thrown on our face so cold & unguarded.

1.Decision, which way you wanna head. There is only this way or that unfortunately. Either you split or stay together. Having said that, decisions do go wrong. You wanna take your time deciding that THIS decision is gonna involve your whole entire life. Can’t take chances. You really want to be sure you want to do this. Be clear about your decision and NOT waver.

2.Taking responsibility. If you still find yourself sulking about not being happy with your spouse. Lovely! Its time to make up your mind about what you really wanna do with your life. In it, or out of it. Cant hang in there hoping a miracle to occur. Either you resolve and settle back with your spouse sorting out your differences or just move out of it. Its rather stupid to keep hanging in the limbo and be nowhere whatsoever. Not easy, but thats the only right way to handle it.

3. Accept & move on. Whatever it is you decide, you must realise moving on is the next natural step, no time for sulking no more. The decision needs to be a thoughtful decision after which you must just accept things as they are and move on.

4.Being realistic Settling in with the change Whether you decide to sorting out the differences and settle on never to fight again and work out petty little practical rules for yourself. Realise that rows do happen, arguments do flare up. And if you decided to split up to unite with your new found love thinking it is going to be a fairy tale. You need stop being so dreamy coz its only natural to have differences and little quarrels are the part and parcel of the game. You must realise things and be realistic.

Isn’t it strange that in the real world things don’t quite function the way they are expected to. Well, not suggesting marriages don’t work at all. They sure DO! But the thing is though there is a massive difference bw just simply being married and being happily married. What do you say.

‘Marriage’ No black & whites. A shade of ‘grey’

Its a ride, a journey if you please, so NOT a destination. With highs and lows. At time more lows than highs. What makes things worse is its not much the people involved, I mean the couple. It looks many a times it is the situation, the circumstances. A lot of time which has been referred to as – the way in which the cosmos works, the destiny? I would have thought?
Ever come across a situation where the couple may still care for each other but the love wanes, there you go all goes for a tip.

Things just happen, circumstances change, feelings change, decisions change and all of that is OKAY! We need to learn to take things as we go. Life is a journey not a destination. You live life, your happiness matters, whatever that transpires into- A split or happy reunion!

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