How Remarriage After Divorce Can Ease Your Pain

Guess it’s not easy to face your x-partner and go through all that pain of divorce and break up again. Not happening.
But, this life is full of surprises even if it concerns our basic human ego, emotional needs, feelings of relief and that
the nagging feeling of what went wrong in the first place.

Many a time we hear the news of divorced celebrity couples avoiding and ignoring each other at events and functions
to keep the gossip mongers at bay.
BUT, we also hear about divorced couples meeting and greeting each other cordially and remaining friends at least
For the sake of their children.

So, the BIG question is that should estranged couples reconsider marriage after divorce?
Sounds uncanny and psychotic since no one would want to get tied into a relationship with the other partner who
they feel was responsible for that divorce in the first place …

This is the first thing which comes as a big question if popped with that question directly.
So, the point is that it was exactly this bad habit of blaming and shifting the responsibility for failed decisions which
has to be corrected.
Here is a comprehensive list of pointers for couples who destiny wants to unite again , after so much emotional
trauma since they exactly know each other’s points of conflict before marriage(ahem,re-marriage)!

• The first good news is that the emotional baggage will not come as a surprise to your partner since they are well aware of your
Trigger points, mood swings and what hurts you the most.
• Being well aware of each other’s faults and shortcomings is good in a sense that it directs the focus on not repeating those mistakes again in the future.
• Premarital counseling can also be the best option for such couples who can become each other’s strength and prevent those mistakes again.

• It is the best time to re-invest in your relationship goals, priorities and plan for better beginnings by preventing
Any of those minor pitfalls which lead to disaster earlier.
• If there was a third person or an affair involved in the break-up, it is a good time to clear the air that you have moved on , forgiven each other and confirmed the relationship status of that foreigner in your relationship.
• Considering the aspects of personality development, trait analysis and the bad habits which were unknown to each other until you broke-up.
• Now is the time to set the convenient and good habits which you two shall promise to maintain, no matter
how much you fight.For example, calling each other at least three times a day, texting each other beforehand in case your plans change at the last moment, writing notes to each other if you disagree and are unable to talk about it.

• Last but not the least, forget the past, accept each other, heal each other and move forward into each other’s arms!

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