How to know if your love is true?

A partner is someone who will share your success and mostly be the reason for it and at the same time, a partner will help, support and motivate you during your failures.

Well, there are people who get married for namesake or enter into a relationship for just for fun, if you are one of them, this blog is not for you.

Love is, when you find someone you can’t live without emotionally and spiritually.

Love is something which is mutual and not one-sided.

Love is when you are willing to lose a part of yourself for someone special.

Love doesn’t go with your expectation.

Love is a blessing that you feel every day.

Love is not by force it is a mutual and makes strong choices.

Love is all about giving then demanding.

Love is making your special one happy.

Love is to accept each other as they are.

Love makes you happy.

Love improves every aspect of your life.

Love is the basis for commitment.

Love is giving another person their own space.

Love doesn’t make you feel bored.

Love is like air beyond caste, creed, race, religion.

Love is much more than saying I Love You because it just takes 3 seconds to say I Love you but a lifetime to prove it.

If you have not experienced the above, then it is better to let it go because even letting go is called Love at least from your end.

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