Let’s Talk About the Unconditional

“Love him like it is the last day of your life,
Love him like you can pass an eternity with it,
Love him- just unconditionally.”

I know this sounds like a fairy tale. But in real life, fairy tales do not exist. Love is the most sensitive aspect of your life. It can nurture you or it can take you to doom. Just imagine, what if, you loved your beau and he loved you back, sweet isn’t it? But what if one fine morning, he looks straight into your eyes and says- “We are done. I do not want to stay with you. I have been trying to say this for a while, but I guess, this is it. I am sorry it had to be this way.” Heart wrenching, right?
At certain circumstances, one falls out of a relation. Reasons, there are many and you cannot justify them either. May be, he no longer feels the same, may be the warmth is missing, may be the compassion is not enough, maybe he has been smitten by someone else. After all, it is an emotion and it can evoke anytime, anywhere with anyone. Love is unpredictable.
What matters is how you deal with the situation? Yelling, fighting, and hurling abuses and profanities- Nahh! They do not work. I know this is tough and painful, but ask yourself once, what do you want for him? To be stuck with you unhappy or live his life with happiness? After all, the ultimate concept of love is to seek the happiness of the person you are in love with, even if it is not with you.

Inhale a deep breath and let him go. I know how hard it is to control the outburst of emotions at the moment, but if you want your better half to be happy, momentary display of inner strength is necessary. Trust me, if he loved you, his heart would bleed as well and the guilt (that he cheated on you) would be heavier than the biggest rock, on his heart.
Marriage or love is not about conquering, they are not a piece of land to inherit. Love is the strength to sacrifice, the art of forgiveness, the art of smiling even when you see him with someone else. When all you want is his happiness that is unconditional love. The waves of peace and contentment that flow through your veins knowing that the person whom you spent a decade with is happy and the reason somewhere is the sacrifice you made, is unmeasurable. It is out of the world. Yes, the pain, the emptiness remains, but you get the strength to go on and set an example to all those couples out there, who can’t even handle a small fight and split up.

It is said that marriages are made in heaven, but creating a heaven on earth with the person chosen to be your destiny, is something, that not everyone is blessed with. Feel lucky that at least you had a chance to be so close to the person, enjoy the warm hugs and kisses, the cosy snuggles, and console yourself that what you did was a return gift to the compassion and love that he showered on you, all the while he was with you, unconditionally.

“Conditions are for business, love-it is unconditional, always!”

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