Husband wife relationship in the bedroom!

Somewhere amidst the humdrum of the so called “happy married life” gets lost the magic and freshness of the lusciously addictive seductive bedroom life! How does it all wane n wilt into what we might hear often as ‘well settled married life.’

Excuse Me? Did you say boring is settled?

Married couples get stuck in the rut of everyday routine like having to go to bed early, waking up early or may be the work pressure makes you work till you drop dead, even worse the stress, worries of your well being keeps you embroiling yourself till stupid-O’Clock till you somehow snooze off worrying your head off. Oh! Women bless em have ever more exciting life of added unnecessary fun of hormones going mad when on date or when they are due on.

Somewhere the grind of baggage that the married life saps couple of any energy whatsoever after the everyday chores are completed. Couples often feel caught up, far too occupied, stuck in the the routine gruelings of married life. Without a shadow of doubt boredom starts taking prominence showing up in their attitudes, behaviour, conduct and just leading you nowhere really. Iam gonna go as far as saying first you cant be asked, second you don’t care no more (or atleast SO you think)simply coz there are far more important things to be taken care of like bills, kids, work etc etc

What happens to the so talked Bedroom life? Blah!

Goes down the pots, thats the last thing on your mind. And sight that gave you butterflies, whose touch and feel felt like the bestest that could ever happen to you NOW is just reduced to someone who is either like an empty bin to fill your frustrated rants with or someone who you would rather just turn a deaf ear to.

Seeing them, having them around almost the whole time, knowing they are not going anywhere and they are here to stay, sleeping-waking up next to them. Nothing about them allures you no more, you might as well just do without them? Coz really they are more of your habit translated into relationship which is now ‘husband and wife relationship’ rather than being perky, stimulation, breath taking, orgasmic even? What you once were gf/bf? The mention of which could send exciting current run down your spine and you would any day want to make love to them almost anywhere and everywhere..

The fun, the bewitching magic just gets lost in this new found-settled relationship which once kept the two individuals so in love just so occupied making love to each other as though just couldn’t get enough of each other. What happens next? Obviously feeling so discontent, dissatisfied, bored of your relationship you have no option left but to resign-submit in the relationship and kind of go – Ofcourse I’d love to but can’t be asked and go through the unnecessary drills of

Got a headache

I would rather sleep

I have an important meeting in the morning

I MUST sleep early

Not in the mood.

Feeling hurt-disappointed-resigned you just simply go what the heck not a big deal! Well it IS a big deal.

Bring the zing back in the bedroom life! Make it sizzle sputter back to life with your satisfying moans-screams-silent satisfied swallows. Get ready to roll! Make things happen, infuse pure lure. Liven up your boring bland ‘settled life’ with happy-dancing-singing love making antics.

Pretty much everything in life is part of experience and learning we all must and have to do. We all simply learn as we go along. No body is an expert, in particular those who think might be able to advise on physical proximity? You just have to figure it out for yourself, make your own little fun rules that work for you, its NOT science. See HOW you both can physically be there in time, space and your relationship. You say you are husband and wife but hardly there for each other and NO Iam not on about the mundane crisis in life, financial crunch, sad unguarded moments in life. What I mean/meant is- being there for each other sexually. You both owe it to each other to love, satisfy, trust and nurture your relationship.

Just as nutrition is needed for good health, rocking, adventurous love making is a MUST for a healthy relationship. Once married life gets more routine and mundane and you NEED this lovemaking sexy punch to break the monotony.

No wonder it is super easy for hot adventure quotient to just slyly leave the marriage but as long as there is some sort of intimacy all is NOT lost. Surely though there is a massive difference in having mechanical sex vs making passionate love.

And that, is where we wanna get, what we look to achieve.

A good bedroom life is a mirror of a healthy married life beaming with love, vigour, passion, care for each other. Great intimacy bw husband and wife is a tell tale of the great rapport they share with each other and the chemistry that shows is just breathtakingly wow!

  1. Let trust take precedence over sex, try to be best of friends to each other. Try to hit and  achieve the comfort zone you have with your bosom friend with you, you can discuss almost anything under the sun without having to think of how the other might judge you. Trust each other, be empathetic to each other and the rest will make its way easy. Guess what once you are able to hit this milestone you will never be having sex you will only make love.
  2. Small little efforts and  things go a long way. Make them want you! Dress up for them, do all they like. Be it the pair of denims, your hairdo, their favourite colour. Infact make an effort to show how much they mean to you and their wish does and see how the love takes a flight and churns up a hot night full of passionate happy moans of ‘I love you.’
  3. Look after each other, more importantly look after yourself. Healthy person has a great appetite for sex, if you feel it sink you should be hearing the warning bells. You need to include some sort of physical exercise and good healthy nutritious food. It is not really just about your appearance but also how you feel. Did you know HOW immensely exercise routine adds a bounce to your ‘feel good’ factor? Libido rocketing – sex to your fill 😉
  4. Excuses not cool! True that you may have a severe headache, feel sleepy and all that but trust me there. Good dose of sex will only help you relax, calm you down, helping you get better sleep. So stop making excuse just get on with it love!
  5. Get back that gf/bf streak! Short on time go for hot quickies. Leave the lengthier passionate nights for weekends. Weekdays hungers can be well satiated with a quickie. Grace it, ace it!

That was just two cents from me! It is in your hands to make your marriage an affair that blooms or dooms. Key to which is your relationship in the bedroom. C’mmon about time now, get over the boring plateau of marriage and achieve a happier more fulfilling and sizzling bedroom life! Much hotter too? 😉

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