Is patience key to sucessful relationship ?

I have been in relationship for quite some time & have seen many people coming together in relationship swearing to live with each other for their entire life and…. God only knows how after some time, we hear the news that two broke-up.

Ever wondered why relationships break?  Send me your reason in the comments below.

4 thoughts on “Is patience key to sucessful relationship ?”

  1. Paras jairath

    patience is key to successful relations. this quote is 100% true.
    Relationships die, when a 3rd person enters in your life. when you start taking someone’s advises. that 3rd person could be your friend, could be your brother/sister or mother/father. You should share all problems with your husband/wife only.

    Neither give so much importance to sex nor ignore your sex life. Never force your partner for sex, if he/she is not comfortable.

    Help your partner in his/her work.
    Don’t be over possessive.
    Respect your partner.

    Relations die when you don’t give time to your partner. You have to pamper and give time, if you want a happy married life.

    You should expect less.

  2. Hi, I am not a Married person. My Married expected after one year, I love some one and love her very much and she also too much. I pray to God that our relationship has become too mush strong as we both want. My fiancée is cute, lovable, intelligent, hardworking, all the qualities that I want she have. we understand everything, she give me the status of husband and me also too wife, she is outstanding, she take care me, she finds happiness in small small events. we not meet everyday but we both feel we meet every day. I hope and aways prey to GOD that when our marriage life start, we love and respect each other double for this. We enjoy life as we want before marriage. I always read relationship text matters for improving my life mush better and this site is very good articles about relationship.
    An the end you asked me question why relationship break? Ans is Lack of communications, great expectations, If we communicate each other in good manner the 100 % problem resolved.
    Please Respect your wife always and she too,
    Please enjoy the every part of life, not only sexual, enjoy every thing, share every thing with your husband and wife. when you concentrate other enjoyable part of life. your sexual requirements always hot.

    Thanks. Please pray and well wishes my coming Marriage life.

    1. Hi!
      I read ur comment and i my thoughts deeply coincide with urs……as a men if u feel this way and also cud express it then theres no reason why ur marriage shud’nt work….but let me know what can one do if one of the partner is always more demanding and complaining is submission and patience is the other person can exercise because the other person really not so demanding as well as complaining till it reaches the hightime.
      Gud luck for ur lovely future plz do apply all of this and i hope ur partner will respect ur attitude and follow and u two enjoy a meaningful life together!

  3. Dear HBR,

    I have been longing to talk to someone about my married life. I am married for 7 years, happily married I would say. But things has changed after my son was born last year.Since past 6 months we have been fighting a lot , we hardly have any sex life. The ratio of sex is like once in 2-3 months.He doesn’t seem to be bothered and is as usual busy with his work. My question – is this normal? I love my husband, but i feel very lonely and sad most of the time. Am I giving to much importance to our sex life? Is this because of any hormonal imbalance? Please I need your advice on this matter.

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