14 Principles Of Love

1. Love,love and just love with your truest and purest feelings.

2. Two people in love should always be two in number.Third person in between should never be welcomed.As it is wisely said two is company and three is crowd.

3. Believe that love is the only miracle which is binding your souls together.Let love bless you both

4. Be willing to do whatever it takes to keep you both together-happy and secure.Because some are so important to us,we just can’t let them go so easily.

5.It is not always easy to love.See loves difficult times as opportunities-to strengthen your commitments,deepen the bonds of intimacy and grow closer in your hearts like never before.

6. Being in love does not mean that you’ll never be hurt, there’ll be always someone besides you or that you will have a carefree life.Like life love has its own ups and downs.

7. And when two people continue to grow in a relationship, your love will continue to grow stronger and become more meaningful and beautiful touching different horizon.

8. Small and loving gestures is all that is needed to keep the fire burning.Remember, there are no great acts.There are only small acts done with great love(mother teresa)

9. Let go of past relationship/crushes after learning the lessons you need.Nurture what you have now.

10. You both have stress in your lives.It would be hevenly if you spare some time to slow the world down.Plan for days out filled with more time just for the two of you.

11. Each argument must be followed by a time of forgiveness.Each time of sorrow must be spent by all the tender moments spent in each others arms.

12. Though communication is healthy.Too much communication can actually make things worse because it is not possible to explain all the reasons we act or the way we do.

13. At the core of every relationship there must be a very deep respect and love for one another.

14. Dont be so insensitive towards each others feelings.Sometimes adults like to be pampered like innocent childrens.Love and appreciate one another.

2 thoughts on “14 Principles Of Love”

  1. Thank you for mentioning on love. May I add up a little…

    A person is loving as he talks on love. With talking and reading on love, one thinks of love. Thought of love brings feelings of love. Then love, and only love is everywhere.

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