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Beautiful Couple with a baby

Its a pure wonder how much small little things can come to mean so much. A little cocoon of love that a husband and wife are capable of making their relationship. Silly little things that make you feel like ONE, a single entity. Sharing pain, happiness, challenges etc etc. How difficult days, a hard day at work or bitterness of world can be transformed into a world of plain beautiful healing caress by a cup of tea. NOT just any cup of tea but one that carries the manifold affection, comfort and care. It is THAT ‘just a cup of tea’ that your wife lovingly makes you stirring in her love, her care, her sense of belonging to you which suddenly propels you to the world of peace, calm, happiness where there is no space for bitterness.

So after a long day at work, meeting investors, Raj returned home tired looking forward to Seema’s smile that always promised to wipe away all misery. He was desperate to get into his little haven of home. Kept ringing the bell on a trot even though he always had a spare key, he longed to see those sparkly smiling eyes of his wife always welcoming him with a warm smile. A silent promise of making things  okay for him by her magic wand, if they were not. It was almost a pious ritual. He loved seeing her open the door every evening.

He was impatient at the door, running through the unsuccessful meetings, stubborn managers that made him lose his composure and more money. Battling his annoying thoughts away he realized that the door hadn’t been attended to yet. He rummaged through his pockets to grab his pair of spare keys.

Having the most unfruitful day feeling rather depressed and like a failure. All he longed for was the glimpse of his beloved wife, a glance that could take away all his pain.

Wondering what kept Seema busy, he opened the door to hear a wailing baby. A year back when Seema announced her news of pregnancy, they were a nonchalant couple, moving cities, jobs and embracing travel at every opportunity. Such a beautiful adventure the life had become and their marriage only made it evermore beautiful in every possible way. They were a carefree young couple grappling their way to making life worth, giving in their best. They were struggling career wise YES, but that wasn’t something that was a matter of great worry coz they knew they could sail through almost anything coz they had each other, their biggest strength. They always went with the flow, never really ever had a plan! Amidst all the discussions and opinions they bravely delved in the gift bestowed upon them and things worked out brilliantly. Either Divine was too kind or their love was too strong that worked as their lucky charm.

So the endless chats about traveling, career goals soon turned into the next best paediatrics, the thirst for cuisines became the search for parenting classes and the empty bank started ringing of accumulated pennies!

Raj walked into the room with his hands thrown up in the air “ Another day and I don’t see you at the door”

Disheveled Seema “ Honey, I’m trying to calm your daughter! Look she throws a tantrum just like you”

He smiled, his heart swelled with pride at the thought of his daughter, their daughter. A beautiful gift they made with love. His love for this special lady in his life had deepend in a way he couldn’t believe. She was everything to him, he couldn’t be without her. A woman displaying brilliant shades of pure unconditional love. Something about her was so special he would fall in love with his wife every single day. Her natural belonging toward home, their home now drew him closer to her. It was like he was happily stuck in a most ,magnificent web of attachment.

Raj loved discussing his day with her, it was like a run through of his deliverables, like she would be the right audience to his qualms. Seema was a stay at home mom, coz they couldn’t afford a nanny yet. Of course that didn’t matter, it only added an element of tang to their bubbly life full of vigour.

The never ending demands of attention, feeds and nappy changes can be a challenging task. It can well wear you out, demands immense energy and patience!

Seema juggled beautifully between looking after her little one and ensuring her hubby was well looked after. Also managing well enough to plate out his favourite dishes for meals.

Looking at this over exerted beautiful lady he realised how badly she needed to put her feet up, suddenly he goes

“I feel like ordering Chinese” He wasn’t very fond of it but saving her the cooking could buy him some quality time with her while the baby slept and the Chinese would lift her mood as she was parsh on Chinese.

Seema gave a glare of “ I know exactly what you are doing” and said in a light vein “Whatever did I do to deserve you my love”  She lovingly sat beside him and Raj held her close in his embrace as if holding something very precious. This was the most cherished moment of their day. Seema rested her head on his shoulder. None of them spoke but their silence spoke volumes of their deep love, concern, understanding of each other.

Sometimes, the day may not go as you plan but still has little treasures in store for you.

As a couple all you require is the true intent to nurture love and care for each other with a heart that vouches to the commitment of looking after each other. It’s living through decisions together that make a happy marriage devoid of plans for perfection! You perfect it by your intent of love.

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