Why Did We Fall Apart?

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Marriage- a unification decided in heaven. It is unfortunate when a marriage culminates into a disaster. Not that, you want it to happen that way, but sometimes, situations are inevitable, and at the other time, you just let it happen, with zero efforts, to resolve the issue. The longer you hold on to a grudge, the weaker your conscience to understand and act gets. Let go things, and the satisfaction deep within would be inexplicable.

Why did we grow apart? Love was in the air, emotions were on a hike, on our first meeting. There were late night calls, cuddles, kisses. We married in a hush hush ceremony. Romance brewed for years even after marriage. But suddenly, things started falling apart. It was as if, suddenly our marriage was jinxed (not like really jinxed). We were not able to figure out where the disconnect was. Or rather, we choose not to try to figure out, I would say.

Quarrels, differences kept growing, eliminating the minimal scope of love and affection between couples. We never try to listen to the other person, and this somewhere digs the grave for the relation. Not that just by sweet talks, things would have gone back to normal. But now, when you look back to the things and feel the vacuum, you realize, it was worth a shot.

With pressure, frustration comes, we all agree to that. But venting out frustration on your partner, be it the husband or the wife, is not acceptable. He/she is there to support you and not to take on those ugly abuses you hurl at the other person. When you are home after a daylong of tiring work, you would expect your partner to create an ambiance that would help relieve the tensions, and this should be mutual.

You do not agree to a point, let your partner know. Tell them in a way that they can find the true logic behind the disagreement. Yelling at for, just not agreeing to something, you feel right, is outrageous. It somewhere pushes you apart.

The success of a relationship is based on mutual understanding, trust, commitment and respect towards each other. If you cannot ensure to treat your partner, the way you expect yourself to be treated, better, not to step into that relationship and turn it into an emotional roller coaster ride. Take a deep breath, sit down, look in his eyes, and sort out your problems. Better talking than letting the differences creep into a level that divorce is the only alternative left before you. After all, you married each other to be together and not to end up emotionally draining each other out.

“Talk and talk before it is too late- talk for the sake of your wedlock.”

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