Life’s Best Relationship

The entire universe stands together to appreciate the bond of a mother and a child, as it is considered to be sacred of all.  Following which is the bond of a husband and a wife, which together is the strongest unit in all the phases of the life. The proverb ‘two halves make a whole’ is specifically designated for a husband and wife’s relationship. Here, the two different identities comes together accepting, sacrificing, adjusting and appreciating each other equally throughout their lives at each step. Be it an arranged marriage or a love marriage, the relationship starts with the beautiful and faithful bond called friendship. The pillar of husband wife relationship stands tall only because of the base that is made up of concrete bond- friendship. A husband and wife just not perform the daily chores that society has assigned them, but they evolve together as individuals too. Their role is not confined to just being a married couple, rather they choose their roles according to the situations. For example, if the husband doesn’t want to work and wants to follow his passion or dream of traveling, so just because of the societal stereotype that a male member is the bread winner of a family thus has to play the role. But now in the twenty first century the role reversal is acceptable and appreciated. So in this situation the women if willing can play the role of a bread winner for the family.

Moreover, their relationship is the key to their success in the life. And the relationship moves further to the other stages of life only by walking together with each other as a single entity.  Each and every decision is supposed to be taken together by listening to each other ideas and views.  From the very minute one that is each day’s expenditure to the decision of making a family, both the partner should have an equal hand in each decision. The husband-wife bond is one of the most beautiful relationship in the world. The epitome of a good, happy and successful family is happier and respectful connection of the husband and the wife. The love that grows every day with each step taken to together build the relationship strong to the strongest.

Photo by Teddy Kelley on Unsplash

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