Love Demands Love NOT Perfection!

5 hours have already passed and Anshika was still unconscious when Ravi was sitting beside her and giving her all the strength possible by holding her hand. And then the best moment of his life happened. A nurse came with a tiny baby in her hands and Ravi held the baby for the first time.

Everything was just magic about her. She slowly tried to open her eyes and a tear dropped on her soft cheeks.
Ravi was very happy but he was waiting for Anshika to be conscious and then someone called Ravi. They were blessed parents and they lived that moment.

Time passed. Ravi was busy at work but tries to come home as early as possible to play with her daughter and be with Anshika. He never showed his stress to Anshika. He supported her in every way but Anshika was always frustrated, tired. Ravi stated feeling that his support is never enough for her and slowly they stopped talking, Yes, they both were madly in love but all they were doing was fighting. They were good parents, great lovers, but still, there was something not right. Ravi was supporting her as much as possible and Anshika having tough time managing baby, home, and her own health.

They moved to a different city because of Ravi’s work and things got worse. They had no friends and Anshika was trapped in deep depression. She wanted to be happy as she was happy to have a lovely family but at the end she was just screaming and shouting, crying and they both were just feeling lonely despite being together.

One day Anshika took the baby in the park and saw some mentally challenged kids and their mothers. She gathered some courage and talked to them. They were so happy and felt so blessed to have a child. They were managing the baby as a parent, as a friend and after a while, Anshika just felt like she is talking to just another parent.

She came back and called Ravi as they were hardly talking Ravi inspite of being busy got worried to see the call. Anshika asked him if he can come early today. She told him nothing to worry but if he can just come early. He canceled his meetings and rushed back home.

She did not decorate the house like before, neither prepared any great candlelight meal but when he came, she hugged him so tight that he could feel her heartbeat. The baby being happy to seeing father home early started dancing and playing with her toys.

Ravi asked her, why what happened. Are you alright?
Anshika just kissed him and said, “I can’t tell you how much I love you and neither I can tell you how sorry I am feeling. All I can say is let us just live every moment from now. Let us be happy and I will try my best to be your friend again.
Ravi had tears in his eyes and he said nothing.” There was some silence for 30 sec they both were just looking at each other and they kissed.

Marriage is not always a piece of cake. Its ok to fight, its ok to be angry but most important is that you both love each other and care for each other. There are situations when not everything can be perfect but love does not demand perfection.

Love Only Demands Love…
Keep Loving ..Keep smiling

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