Make your Marriage Successful with 6 pre-talks between the Couple

Tackling hard things ahead of your marriage- sets one’s mind towards more maturity, in future, and even save your marriage. Researchers simply indicated that you can get mad as hell or can even avoid conflicts altogether. What you think really matters to make one marriage successful!! Money, love or care or all of them???

Well, the positivity is something that must outrage the negatives of both the person. A sheer commitment of never leaving each other is what required sustaining a marriage. It is very normal that we tend to worry about our future- especially GIRL’S DO!  There is no denying the fact that couples do love to stay and spend ample time together. More than half percent of the first marriage end up in divorce and nearly 60% of the second marriages also fail- why?? Have you ever thought of the real reason?  What makes people more disgusted is the number of marriages has become much more fragile that it was in earlier times.

Following the newsfeed on the social media platform, I do wonder that how many of the lovebirds, couples and even who keep on posting 5years of togetherness and more will actually make their relationship successful in future!! Well, some do, how by having a clarity in their mind and discussing the issues that will come up later. Our main focus is on the romantically involved love relationship which is definite downside although; it has a pretty picture at the initial stages.  In the pursuit of truth to be brought under limelight, there are certain notable things that couple must talk about when they are heading towards marriage and wish to make it an example of success among all the breakups.

Marriage is difficult you know why because we are ourselves very difficult. Research does shed light on the complexities of marriages and has vehemently pointed to the following issues to be discussed.


It is something that no one wishes to take about as it seems to the majority of us to be crass, unromantic but the reality is to deal with it. The popular saying “Love flew away when there is no money” is actually true.  Believe it or not, capital is very real and figurative.  You may notice that your partner is particular about the cash flow and do not tend to spend unnecessarily. He /she have a different attitude towards handling it.  Talk about who will make money, and who will spend. If hard situations arise, one must help the other to satisfy life’s financial goals. Research states that argument son money are not limited to it along it is followed by power, commitment, fairness and even respect for each other come out of the existing relationship.

Arguments – How you do!

Arguments are common, how you argue is what matters the most, whether you talk logically or just haul on baseless issues requires a recheck.  Once the couple starts realizing his/her own faults committing the word sorry in respective care, this can be a perfect way to sustain a healthy argument in a relationship.  There are situations like a person A who is dominating makes the more demand; most of the case is frustrated on the withdrawal mentality of the person B. This is something that should be avoided, how? By simply, having a healthy discussion on the issues.

Raise children

Being in a relationship is about extending the family and having a bond for future family planning as well. We often talk about having kids when we are in the pink mood, but in reality, it seems to change for many of the couples. Majority of the working couple do not even plan for their family as no one wishes to compromise with their career and future. Being in a relationship you must put in all the efforts to clarify and talk about what the other person thinks of taking kids, whether he/she likes it or not, if no why; if yes then by what time. Talk about whether you like co-parenting or go for a traditional way of raising kids, or even if you has a diverse plan for your future children. A heart to heart talk is what very important to make the future marriage successful.

Marriage is a partnership; it can take diverse forms based on emotional requirements of the two people sharing the bond. There is no divorce-proof marriage, but there are words like understanding, realizing, sharing and caring which works like wonder if you give it a try.  Having real talk on real issues before marriage can get you ride off from your uncertain failure future; instead can brighten up the marriage gloriously inspiring others.

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