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  Soumi Sarkar is a blogger and a content marketing professional at an inbound marketing and SEO platform. She is an avid traveler and often writes about her findings in her blog column. She is a post graduated with honors from Calcutta University. Apart from this, she is a dancer and actor on stage holding experience of working with notable theatre personalities.


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Better Husband – Better Marriage

  Source Playing basketball from the age of 14 stuck out with only 114 times in 7132 attempts. He may never be convinced with...
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Make an Effort for a Good Relationship with Your Husband

The wedding vows are abided, the honeymoon phase is just over and now you are looking forward towards a healthy ad many years of...
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Stop searching for your Ideal Soul mate- Bonds are made in Heaven

There are millions and millions of people who are searching for the soul mate somewhere here and there. Aren’t you one of them?? Well,...
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Make an Effort to improve your Relationship with your Spouse for a Healthy Marriage

We often have this feeling that marriages are meant to be broken according to the recent real trend, but in reality is it really...
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Lessen the Complications of Marriage

The major essence of any relationship is communication, transparency, understanding and love. Once you have a transparent relation you and your better half will...
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Smart signs to observe to conclude she will become a bad wife

Marriage is not only about a big responsibility but a concept of sharing and caring between two loved one who have decided to spend...
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Make your Marriage Successful with 6 pre-talks between the Couple

Tackling hard things ahead of your marriage- sets one’s mind towards more maturity, in future, and even save your marriage. Researchers simply indicated that...
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