Mild Flirtations

‘Love,’ I thought, had happened to me a few times earlier on. I was so wrong about that, it was nothing close to what I feel/felt for Aparna. Until of course when I met my girl & I actually realized what falling in love really felt like. My happiness knows no bounds today coz I have Aparna, she is all mine for good. I finally did see what love is. Its her, she is just so special. I know that sounds a bit cliche but that’s how it is though! ‘She,’ Aparna is the best thing that could ever happened to me. I could shout loud & let the whole wide world know just how much I love ‘the love of my life.’ I feel like the luckiest man to have her. Its a proud moment today that we have sailed through choppy waters successfully & we soon tie a knot!

My story from baby- to -babe to -girlfriend to -fiance

That’s a whopping too much happening in too little time. More so to a person like me! When I say me I mean some who in the least cares(Well correction-I DO care now) about serious relationships, coz I am in one & its here to stay.

So it all started when I was still in the middle of rut trying to settle in India, still in my transitional phase. Having stayed in US for a good while, for a big chunk of my life time, it wasn’t easy to come back & start afresh. Mostly,  I was temperamental trying to adjust to the changes going on in my life only when I ran into this friend who was trying to hook up on tinder with a date. The date happened to be a friend of Aparna. Bit of a flashback now! So! This is the funny part, the strange ways of life I suppose. Aparna was pretty much going through the same edgy patch as I was. Career wise still everywhere & nowhere, still trying to figure ways as to where to be headed. She was so tired, bored & done, she needed a break real bad. In her own words “some mild flirtation” was what she was after. So she made a categorical mention to her friend(the date-female) she wanted her to find a guy for her for some “mild flirtations.” Guess who was that guy? Lol! Yes it was me!

Both of us at that stage I suppose were in dire need of some change, some serious fun. Nothing doing, we were plain ON IT. First date we meet & both of us sloshed, tired & felt absolutely beaten-battered by life’s strange ways with nothing going right in our lives. We sat there staring and each other and nada! What did we do? We both looked pretty bored, tired of life, tired of struggling against the tide. For me it was clear love at first sight but she seemed to me responding but looked a little lost at the same time. There went “mild flirtations” out of the window. After which, we just had to call it a night coz we were so high & we went our own ways. Next meet happens & the same. Nothing interesting, nothing that could hold us together so we kissed each other goodbyes and went back our respective homes.

Man! Comes the third lucky time when it seems the Heavens decided to smile on us. Boy! Wasn’t that pure magic! So we didn’t just meet the third time, I fell for this girl head head over heels. No, it didn’t happen in vacuum. All this time that we tried to be some sort of acquaintances, I was feeling something strange for her I couldn’t quite put my finger at it. I dunno if its right to say I felt drawn to her, somehow though the idea was to keep it strictly flirtatious.  This time around when the meeting happens in Ahmedabad, not only did we get a chance to get good pieces of the other in everyway, think we unknowingly exchanged pieces of our hearts too. Those 5 days were plain amazing. It was as though the time stopped, we were aware of nothing but each other. We were pure inseparable. Think by then I quite literally breathed Aparna. Her dainty feet, her angel eyes, her black hair like midnight, jingle of her laughter, her heady scent. Wasn’t I pure going crazy about her. She filled up my senses & I wanted more of her.  The best days of my life. Like a dream that HAD to end sadly. I was still in the hang of things coz I fell so hard for her but her, being what she is. Never for once did she realise there could have been a chance of her being smitten by the love bug. She was insistent – it was all over, that was it. We had our share of fun & we must part ways.

Sad & heart broken I was (SO not me) this girl has a way to bring out the best & worst in me. So I spent days dreaming of her, thinking about her. Tried to get in touch only to hear the cold words – purpose was solved- both had bit of fun & that was it. I was determined not to buy that. I pursued her in every possible manner, wooed her best I could. Sent her little odes I wrote for her. Slowly the ice started to melt in my apparently cold lady(she is a softy 🙂 ) What I wrote, what I write is a piece of me. That is what I am. I felt for her deeply, it was all over the place, in my words, in my thoughts. Would you believe she was beginning to get convinced she was struck by cupid too. All smitten. Well…she had to 🙂

Happy for world to see how I feel for her, please find precious pieces of my heart & soul I gave to my lady.

We meet again & relived the magic, stars exploded again. We had to do THIS, which we did. Guess what, we couldn’t stop us there. It had to keep happening coz we were so much a part of each other by then couldn’t imagine the life without her.

‘Mild Flirtations’ became a serious problem. It was everything but that. Aparna being her typical self again all curt- Can’t be serious, meant to be  just ‘fun’ IF NOT, it had to be given a name.

Man! Wasn’t that music for my ears? It took time for me to let that sink into me coz I myself had never been so serious in any relationship, more with a girl. What the hell was wrong with me, so again at this juncture I wasn’t very sure if i was doing  the right thing. I slept on the thought & realised there weren’t two ways to go about it. I loved, wanted, needed Aparna & had to seal the deal.

Her bright twinkling eyes ever smiling at me, her smile still takes my breath away like it did the very first time, I felt love happen to me. The way she makes me feel as soon as I am rewarded by her snuggles, nothing comforts me as much as her presence. I am so proud of her, for all she is, for all she has been in all her avatars. Oh! And trust as pretty and charming as she is, she is a strange -crazy mix of all petulance of a child, cuteness overload with her funny girly things going together with being brashly practical when it comes to serious business (pheww nah I don’t quite like that) I’d rather expect her to be a girly girl. But I love her all the same! The funny thing is it might be sounding like I have known her for ages but the truth is we have known each other for relatively shorter span of time but poignant enough to bring us securely together & lock our hearts as one.

Babe I love you with my all. You complete me!

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