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Avoiding_eye_contact Husband and Wife Relationship

It’s been six months Tanaaz and Ishaan are living together under one roof with equal roles. First few days were full of love and romance, abundant of sunshine falling on them. She thought these warm summer days and will never cease. Monsoon was awaiting. The question was whether the raindrops would fall as a relief or would splatter harsh upon their relationship?
Tanaaz, a modern educated girl with firm opinions. Ishaan too, a modern educated man, but with a contrary set of beliefs. Religion was a holiday for him. On the contrary, Tanaaz believed that no matter how much science advanced it can never deny the existence of a Supreme power governing this world. It was all fine or maybe they somehow managed to get along with these differences. Now the time had come to quiver their happy married life.

Ishaan looked straight into her eyes, his voice was sharp, clear and demanding. “Are you wearing this thing in the party or you will open it up in the car?”

“This thing? It’s my hijab”

“Yeah whatever it is! You can’t wear it in the party. You are going to look weird. I don’t want anyone to make fun of you. Get it off”

“I don’t give a damn to what everybody has to say. I ain’t wearing any alien attire. It’s my identity. I have been wearing it since I was 16. You knew this from the start. You never objected. What happened now?”

“Look, I have nothing against your dress. I kept my opinion. I want you to look pretty. Is that a crime?”

“I guess this is not the right time to have this discussion. We will talk later.”

They went to the party that night. They smiled, gossiped and ate heartily, but didn’t exchange a glance with each other even for a split second. Her veil over her dress overshadowed their relationship.

Avoiding_eye_contact Husband and Wife Relationship

Ishaan detested her wearing hijab. He somehow thought it was a vague concept and unnecessary. What is the need of covering her head? She has such beautiful hair. He would always want to see her flip those long jet black hair in the air. He got delighted just at his imagination. Besides religion should not stand in as a compulsion, it should be a choice.

Tanaaz had her explanations ready. First of all, she is a modern-day woman. She has the right to wear whatever she aspires. Be it a skirt, jean or hijab. When will the world stop discriminate women on the basis of her clothes? It’s just a scarf. She is proud of her religion then why can’t she wear a label? Does anyone ask the same question to a Punjabi man wearing a turban? If not them then why she? Being modern and being fashionable are two different aspects. People confuse trend with modernity. They think if you wear a hijab you are not modern. Dude! I have my opinions and I am able to carry myself out confidently in this world. Maybe I don’t follow the trend that might make me untrendy but not backward. If only Ishaan could understand.

Ishaan never cared to ask her anything regarding this matter. Instead, he chose to avoid parties. Tanaaz wanted to talk, wanted to reason but all went in vain.

They soon started living a monotonous life. They avoided long conversations. They made love but never whispered ‘I love you’. Slowly but gradually more differences and clashes started showing up. One thing led to another. Ishaan assumed Tanaaz to be stubborn and orthodox. He followed the policy of keeping it short with fools. He thought it was a waste of time to explain anything to her. She won’t approve. Tanaaz found Ishaan to be indifferent and unfocused on family issues. For her, he was playing the “I don’t give a damn” funky cool husband who lets his wife be her way. She definitely wanted her way but with his consent and support. She, no doubt was dominating but not a stupid stubborn head. She would understand, he too would agree. They just needed to talk.

Will they be able to sort out their differences? What would you do? Would you let a relationship wilt this easily?

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