Seven Years From Now

It all began when I was back at my home relishing every moment of the most awaited break from college. The sun rose every morning waking me up to a day full of most solicitous people lingering around me; while mom bought mouth watering breakfast dad procured delicious cakes and cookies before he left for […]


She felt the blood gush through her veins when she first saw him and it was then that she realized that he wasn’t the one whom she would just roam around but someone who would set her right, love her and make her his queen. That soft rhythmic movement inside her chest was something she […]

The Solitary Juncture

There was chaos in her mind but all she could do was smile. It was not wakefulness that plagued the night but the words of disdain that he spoke, the unforeseen and the painful. In tales had she heard about an inamrata being shook at heart, when a hypnotic state hit her bad; so bad […]