Censuring The Censor

The girl is strapped to the bed, helpless and immobile. The men towering her, ready to ambush her by forcing himself upon her without her will. The girl wants to scream. The socks stuffed in her mouth, mute her cries and pleas.

The old man is deeply engrossed in the rape scene on dark web. His fingerprint locked smartphone is filled with the explicit clips of gory sex. Night after night he enjoys the tortures and pain inflicted upon helpless women. The voyeuristic sadist is not a mafia chief, renowned statesman or filthy rich businessman. It is someone who commutes with us on a local transport regularly. He is a regular guy with his own set of frustrations.

The helpless girl who is subjected to bear all the torture online. Why is she so happy and carefree in real life?!! The reality gives these sad and sick brains blue balls.

There are sick videos that top the trending chart in no time. Thanks to the moral police of the society. It is these holier than thou that harbor the most adverse of the mental bend.

Born during the 80s and raised during the 90s. I belong to the most intelligent generation. I realized during my teens that Indians can also kiss. It is not something that only whites do. MTV made my childhood memorable. Authors like Sidney Sheldon, John Gresham, and Jackie Collins were my mentors. I was raised to be an independent woman. Fiercely independent. The very thought kills me. Why am I being subjected to such narrow-mindedness?

The country that gave birth to authors like Shobhaa De, Salman Rushdie and Khushwant Singh for their potboilers. The very same nation now charges the Man Booker Prize winner Arundhati Roy for sedition. Isn’t it absurd?!! The former chairman of CBFC happens to be the guy who has made extremely sleazy movies in the name of commercial gain.

The rate of honor killings is rising day after day along with the incidents of horrifying rape. The moment the media becomes abuzz with the news of brutal rapes. These predators log into porn sites searching for the clips of the same rape. They put up the victim as a no.1 personality on trending list of porn sites. This way the victim is further victimized, morally and virtually.

How To Deal With Moral Police?

The country that assaults couples on Valentine’s Day. The same country would top the list of the most overpopulated countries in the world by 2100. India appears to be progressing adversely in the name of culture and civilization.

  • Revile

The bizarre truth about this breed is the way they profess the greatness of their culture. They revile in the name of reverence. Their violent act to condemn love is jaw-dropping. The Ajanta Ellora caves is a matter of great pride for us. These saviors of our dwindling culture are causing more harm than good. The moment you come across these reviling creatures. Flag them and make others hunt them. They are just a handful.

All the lovers need to unite and raise their voice.

  • Revolt

Revolution is not about violence alone. The unforgettable French Revolution is known for its noted scholars, philosophers, and intellectuals. They were the ones behind this great upheaval. Next time, you come across a frustrated moral police. Unite and face them. Face them in public by unifying in large number. Or simply let your words do the talking. Do remember, a pen is mightier than the sword. Let them know that we are not alone. They can manhandle one lover. Followed by their oppression. There would be many who would rise against these sicktards.

  • Stand Up

Ban the girls from wearing jeans. The girls should not have an access to smartphones. Good girls don’t have public profiles on social media. To save oneself from getting raped, girls must make sure to be home before the evening. Their ignorance and extent of illiteracy deserve slow sarcastic claps. Facepalm with tattered sandals.

80% of sexual molestations and rape cases occur within the family. By the family members/ close relatives. Whether a girl wears jeans, burkha or diaper, she is not safe. Self-defense, sexual awareness, and a little bit of shamelessness must be expected of all girls. Then only she would feel safe and these rapist males would be unsafe. This does not imply all males are rapists. It is the males (real ones) who empower the woman to stand and voice their thoughts. These men are the ones who give the much-needed strength and support to the women.

  • Tolerance

It is this tolerance of the patient ones that has given rise to intolerance. Silence is not the best answer always.  At times, to make yourself heard, create noise. This does not mean you need to be violent. You just need to make the other party aware of your power. Don’t say “Stop It!” Make sure you say “ENOUGH!” Language is the best way to outsmart your opponents.

Create groups of like-minded people online. Next time, when you and your partner are ambushed by these so-called moral sadists. Call for help. The mere presence of your friends would make these lion-hearts piss in their pants.

  • Love struggle

Since when did others get the freedom to decide who I fall in love with? I may fall in love with any Amar, Akbar, and Anthony of my choice. Be it Sarah, Sara or Saraswati – she has all the rights in the worlds to choose her prince charming. Similarly, let the prince charming choose his mate. Love, color, caste, and creed appear so archaic when I sit with my friends.

I wish everyone becomes a part of my social media group. The big fights can be reconciled virtually.

There is simply no reason to be so serious. I end today’s discussion with a commendable quote by Elbert Hubbard, “Do not take life too seriously. You will never get out of it alive.”

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