Grihini-The Home Maker or the Home Breaker?

It is said that a woman is one who builds and nurtures a family and she is the same one who can take it to doom. In this world, everything happens for a reason. What I do not understand, is, how can a woman be the reason always when you are doomed?

I come from a joint family-in fact a huge one, with lots of uncles, aunts, cousins, siblings, grandma, grandpa, and I can rant on and on. Nahh! I am not trying to show how big my family is. The point that I am trying to put across is that, at home, whenever, the kid failed or the husband faced a loss in his business, or some mishap happened, the grandma’s or the elders would right away be like- Shibani (mum), it is all your fault. You cannot teach your kid. It is all your fault, you stress out your husband so much, he couldn’t concentrate on his work. You didn’t do the Aarti with a pure heart and so he met with an accident.

Oh! C’mon. Just give me a break! Shibani, is the lady, who just toils like a labor at your home from dawn till dusk, and even after dusk. Had she not cooked, you would have starved. Had she not bathed the kid, he would have missed school. Had she not kept the files synchronized, her husband would have missed an important file and many more. Can anyone freaking explain the logic of this Aarti? Was Shibani thinking of Shakira while doing the Aarti? Of course not! And how on Earth, has the Aarti got to do with anything, about your son, walking like a blind, in the middle of the road? Aarti wouldn’t lend superpowers and create an iron shield. Shitty logic.

The truth is the society is so patriarchal, that, you just need a reason to blame her- a reason to blame your wife. You married her, brought her to your house. She has embraced each one in the house, including you. Did you ever imagine, how hard it is for a girl to leave her own relation and accept others? Had your son today won a medal, you would go about boasting, he is my son. But did you take the least bit of pain to let the world know and share the credit with your wife, who if, had not nurtured the child and taught him values, had not boosted and motivated him, the child would have been no more than all those spoiled kids out there? Ever did you do that? No? Why? Your ego hurts, right?

For some seconds, try keeping the superiority aside, and give her the due share of credit, for all the arduous work that she has put in, to build a family, inspiring for all, and see the spark in her eyes. For once, give her the due respect, and keep the blames aside. It isn’t too much to ask for.

“She is your better half, she is your Grihini- your homemaker in the truest sense. Accept it, embrace it and respect it!”

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