The moment she fell in love!

The moment she fell in love!

The very first time Naina and Abhay met at a place which symbolizes love for decades.How could they not fall in love?

Naina belongs to a small town in Uttar Pradesh and Abhay is from the city of love .. city of Taj “Agra”. Although Naina has never stepped out of her town in past 21 years, her dreams are big and she is a strong believer in her morals and values. She is an open-minded broad thinker. Abhay is a handsome educated boy. But his parents are his world. He is a  true “Shravan Kumar” of the modern society.

So everything was fixed by Naina’s Uncle and finally, the families met.Naina was all draped in a beautiful Yellow sari and her curly hair was making her look more beautiful. Abhay was wearing a White shirt and Blue jeans. All Naina could see in the first hour was only his shoes and she answered all questions the whole family was asking her. Then the families decided to leave them both ALONE( Naina’s younger sister had to accompany her of course) . For 10 minutes they both were feeling awkward and there was just the sound of Wind and they both were staring at Taj. Then Naina suddenly asked Abhay, would you have built Taj Mahal if you would have at Shahjahan’s place?

Abhay was still silent and then he said No. Naina was waiting for his explanation but he said nothing. They talked for almost 2 hours and then both the families appeared. Abhay immediately said Yes to his family and then he stopped again and asked his mother that he just want to talk to Naina for 5 minutes. His mother was hesitant but she knew it must be something very important. He proposed her and asked her “would you marry me?

She smiled and said, “I was about to say No, but you respected me by asking my opinion and that is all matters. Yes I will marry you because I want to be happy and I want to be happy with you”

Everything got finalized. They could not meet again as it is not suitable to meet before marriage but they use to talk a lot.they sometimes wrote letters also and after waiting for 7 months and 3 days , finally it was the Wedding Day.Abhay choose to wear a White Shervani as That’s Naina’s favourite Colour and Naina wore a red lahanga not that it was Abhay’s or Naina’s favorite colour because Abhay’s mom choose that and they both decieded to respect her choice.

They both were very very happy and eager to start a new life together. Everybody was stunned to see such a lovely couple and showering blessings. Everything was just perfect like a fairy tale until the Phere( Wedding Ritual in Hindu Weddings) was about to start.

Suddenly there was a lot of tension between the parents and Naina saw her father crying . She looked at Abhay but he was equally shocked and unaware of what’s happening. Both of them tried to figure it out but nobody was telling them anything. After 30-35 minutes of anxiety , finally Naina walked towards her father and asked him. Abhay followed her.Abhay’s mom was red out of anger and Naina’s parents were standing there trying to convince Abhay’s parents.

Finally Naina’s mother broke the silence and said “it’s just a matter of 10 lakh and we have given you 30 already. You can trust us and we will give you the rest of the money. We are relatives now and it’s our request to please let’s continue the marriage rituals.”Abhay was shocked. His mother was his role model and he was completely unaware of this matter. Abhay’s mother declared that the wedding is over. And everybody knew that Abhay will never disrespect her .

Naina was angry , sad and shattered but suddenly someone hold her hand. It was Abhay. He said nothing . That was the moment she fall in love with him.Truly. They got married and it’s been 11 years they are living happily.They shifted to Mumbai.27th April is their anniversary and they have decieded to go to Tajmahal this time . Again.

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  1. Why do all arranged marriages have a dowry component? Mine didn’t for sure! And I’m glad Abhay had the guts to stand up to his mother….

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