Tips to Maintain a Long Distance Relationship

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In our technology-driven world, not only is it difficult to find a relationship that counts but it is a lot more difficult to maintain it. Considering the same scenario for a long distance relationship, it just increases the difficulty level to a considerable ratio. Here is a list of things to do that will keep the passion alive irrespective of the distance.

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  1. Learn to put in effort

Popular theory says that long distance relationships never work and this is mostly because when couples when start living far from each other, they are often found hugging the phone but over time, they grow weary and at one point it just stops. This is a mistake and people should always take the time to spend with their loved one and not miss out on the things that happen in each other’s lives.

  1. Plan vacations together

There are not many things that can beat the excitement of meeting your loved one after any specific period of time. Taking a trip together makes it so much better. Plan a vacation to an exotic beach or up the mountains where you can pick it up from where you left off and reconnect.

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  1. Stay mushy

Every relationship has its share of mushiness. They have weird nicknames and cuddles and though it may sound awkward or gross to an outsider, it will always be special for each other. People in long distance relationships have to remember that being mushy is a perfect way to keep the flame burning in each other’s hearts.

Happy couple leaning on each other

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  1. Surprise them

Remember the surprises you tried to throw during the initial phase of your relationship to keep them in awe and make them like you more. Surprises are a definite way of making a person happy and people in long distance relationships use surprises as a medium to express their love for each other.

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  1. Remember the dreams

People in a relationship tend to talk a lot and often build dreams of a life together, to be with each other constantly, to travel all the time, to live as a family or to grow old together. People living apart have to keep reminding themselves of the lives they mapped out with their loved ones and work towards making them come true.

  1. It’s not forever

No couple chooses to live apart from one another. They do so for a purpose, to study, to build a career, or for work. Couples in a long distance relationship have to keep reminding themselves that the distance is not going to be there forever and that soon once their purpose of being away is resolved, they get to be with their loved one all the time and work to achieve that. This also serves as a motivation.


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Actually, distance in a relationship teaches us its importance over time. It may be sad and it may suck but it will make you both respect the relationship even more and understand if it is meant to me.

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