What made me fall for her!

in a world where no one understands it's good to finally find someone who can

Today, I am going to narrate you a story that I never expected to come into existence. It surrounds the Love I found in my life, unexpected and quite magical. I was the type of person who had lost all the hopes of finding the perfect one. If you see my past, you will find my conclusions about love quite obvious. You would have lost faith in love too if you would have been cheated on a number of times even when you tried to be the best of what you could be for the other one. Coming back to my story, I had lost all faiths and thus, after 24 years of my life, I stopped being a part of the dating lives. I was all into my career and stopped bothering about finding someone for myself. That’s how I turned 29, still single and not at all thinking about getting married. I was happy, but my family was not. That’s how family is after all, they want to see a perfect life for you, even when your and their definition of perfection may not match a bit.

Since for them perfection was having a partner beside you along with a career, they started finding the former the moment I was the best in my latter. They forcefully made me go on blind dates and tried to impress me by talking about the best of qualities of all the women they knew. I, however, never bothered to take any interest. I did meet them for my family’s happiness and then got back to my work. This kept happening for months until I met another woman.

It was Saturday morning when my mother told me about the date that she had arranged for me on that very night. I was slowly getting annoyed with all these arrangements, but my explanations for being single always went in vain. Thus, I had no other option than agreeing to meet yet another woman too. I completed my work and met her in a restaurant near my workplace.

When my mother told me about her, I knew we won’t get along in any way and thus, for me it was just a meet that was never meant to happen again. While she loved calm environments, I felt peace amidst loud music. She was all into books and I was all into everything other than books. However, something struck when I saw her for the first time.

She was a simple woman, a year younger than me. Not only she looked calm, but also seemed to pass on positive vibes to all those who she met. It was perhaps her aura. Simplicity and elegance and I was wondering if she was really different from all the others that I met. Well, it turned out  that she indeed is.

We talked about various things while having dinner. It turned out she was also not interested in marrying. We decided to be friends and calm down our parents. That dinner was the start to our story. After which, we met several times, became best of friends and then realised that we were actually falling in love. It was slow, it was smooth, it was beautiful. That woman definitely made me believe in love and I then knew, why it never ended up the way I wanted it too. It was unexpected for both of us, but it was real and more than that, it was beautiful.

i love you. i knew it the minute i met you. i'm sorry it took so long for me to catch up. i just got stuck.jpg

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You may wonder, what was so special about her, right? Well, she was special. She was different and I could never imagine being her partner because I don’t find myself capable enough to deserve such a beautiful soul, but turns out there’s no definition of Love, of pretty humans and of beautiful bonds. She sees the beauty in me that nobody else saw and I still wonder how did I get so fortunate.

Talking about what made her special, I would like to point down few things that I believe made me fall for her. Here are those few things-

  1. Her eyes portrayed something!

That night, when I saw her for the first time, I could not take my eyes off her eyes. They were different. They seemed deep. They seemed to sing the songs of the world. She was not wearing any eye makeup other than Kohl, however, they shined like they had some magic within them. Her eyes seemed to be the ones that are beautifully described by poets and adored by people seeking peace. That was when I knew this was different, she was different. I knew we had some connection and now it all seems why. Because we were made for each other. From that moment onwards, I could see her eyes reflect all that she had in her heart and her soul. Her happiness, her grief, her joy, her excitement, all her emotions were clearly visible in her eyes. They twinkled like no other and I could not resist falling for them.

how could she sit there and laugh and look so beautiful

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  1. She is the one who is there!

After that dinner, we started hanging out together and developed a friendship. She was the kind of friend you find once in a lifetime. Being selfless is what the world lacks and that was what she was filled with. After that day, there never came a moment when I needed a friend and she wasn’t there. She always stood to caress me, to hold me, to help me. I don’t know how we got close, but being there for each other was an unsigned thing from the very beginning.

 so the next time you forget your blair waldorf.. remember i'm chuck bass and i love you..

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  1. She carries an easy-to-talk aura.

There are people who you meet for the first time and talk like you know them from centuries. With such people you don’t think twice before sharing all the good and bad memories that you have ever had. No matter how dark your secrets are, you don’t think twice before sharing them, because you know they won’t judge you, instead accept you for all that you are. She is that person for me. It never seemed like I was meeting her for the first time. There was no moment when I felt awkward or nervous to talk about anything. Everything was natural and easy, always.

in a world where no one understands it's good to finally find someone who can

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  1. Her perspective.

Despite her flaws and setbacks, she never viewed the world with a narrow perspective. No matter what she was going through, she always managed to list down a good number of beautiful things existing and surprise me with her beautiful thoughts. She not only viewed the world differently but also made sure to view it properly. Noting every bit of all the details, she wrote poetries with her perspective.

i stand upon my desk to remind myself that we must constantly look at things in a different way

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  1. Her positivity brought the light that seemed to be lost somewhere.

My life was going great, but somewhere I always felt a piece missing. Meeting her and having her in my life brought back that missing piece. She always knew how to cheer me up and made sure that I don’t lose the track of my life, of my happiness. We got along so well and it was actually surprising considering that both of us were very different, yet getting along was not at all difficult. And she, even after not liking half of the things that I did, always brought something up that we both could agree on and something that could bring in the lost positivity on my dull days.

i had never seen anything so beautiful in my life. she was like an angel.

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  1. Her simplicity.

She is such a simple woman. A woman who does all the extraordinary things like running her own business, giving speeches at several occasions, doing social work, making fame and name, yet not a bit of pride fuels her ego. Be it her approach towards life, her way of living and her own self, everything is what one calls simple and elegant. She never shows off, whether her skills, her money, her achievements. It has always been about being as simple as possible for her. Her simplicity and the beauty of her heart was what I saw every single day. Who would not get attracted towards it!

Stop flirting with me

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  1. She is cute and beautiful.

She is not the kind that only has physical beauty. The beauty of her heart and mind overpowers that normal beauty. Above that, it is the innocence of hers that your heart cannot ignore. The way she finds happiness in all the little things is truly blissful. She also has this cute little face that can melt your heart real quick. No matter how tough you wish to be, she’ll talk, she’ll do something and trust me, everything will be too cute for you to deny her for anything. Her loud laughter and a smile that reveals her crooked teeth are something that you cannot resist. There’s no reason why, but she is cute and her soul, beautiful.

Instead she cultivates the taste for small pleasure

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  1. Her clear view on everything.

If you see her in tangles, it’ll be the rarest of sights. Her mind is clear enough to know where she should focus her attention and where she should not. She clearly knows what she should worry about and what doesn’t deserve a bit of her time. She taught me how to not bother about half of the things in the world and I feel lucky to have her beside me to give me sanity every time I need it.

Her mind is deeper than most are willing to dive for

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  1. She believes in me like no one else.

No matter where I go or what I do, there are things that makes people to doubt me. She never showed a hint of doubt. I showed her all of me, all my darkness, all my thoughts, all of my soul. I never did that before and I never regret it doing it in front of her. And I am glad to see that she never lost her belief and faith in me. Even when I forget to believe in myself, she does and she makes me believe in myself.

i would rather share one lifetime with you. than face all the ages of this world alone.

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  1. She became my home.

In my opinion, if a man can be vulnerable in front of a woman, he truly feels home and loves her with all his heart. She became that  for me. I am myself when I am with her. I feel home when she is with me and she never fails to bring me home, to heal me. I don’t know how it all became so comfortable with her that it became necessary to share every part of life with her. It was like sharing every single thing and returning to that long lost home.

i could be whatever you want. you just tell me what you want. i'll be like that for you

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These were few things amongst so much more that made me believe in Love, in beauty, in purity, and in this bond. I don’t know how just I was in explaining all the things, but I surely know that her beauty is more than words can describe. I feel insanely lucky to have met her and to be somebody who she loves.

After that dinner and hanging out together for months, I finally confessed my love to her and we told our families about each other. They had already given up hopes about us and we’re looking for other people for us and our confession came as a surprise to them. My mother was the happiest. It seemed like she knew this would happen someday and I could never thank her enough to send me on that blind date that day.

To her, I’ll say-

I love you. You complete me.

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