It Is Time To Act!

Working like every other day on a Sunday too, clearing dishes, taking care of the  laundry and putting up with every other person’s tantrums, I wonder if I made the right decision six years ago. I could see myself dreaming about working in a big corporate office while I was still in the final year […]

A Letter To My Fiancé!

Image Source My hopes, dreams, expectations of ‘US’ You might dismiss me for being old fashioned. Oh! Well so be it! There is something super romantic about being like an old gran knitting warm jumpers, making bread pudding and? Writing! That’s right! Writing long-ish letters just to ask how someone may be doing and that […]

What Made Me Fall For Him!

You painted my love story! Before I start narrating to you how my love story started I want you to know a little about me. I was still sort of starting beginning to understand how this entire attraction, love thing worked. Exploring, experimenting.  I had always been the kinds who who’d sit in a lonely […]

Some engagement experiences!

Have you ever daydreamed about being the other half of all those fictional characters who never fail to make you go weak in your knees? Aren’t they the definition of perfection? The way they love, the way they express and the way they are, makes one believe in the word love and it would not […]

What made me fall for her!

Today, I am going to narrate you a story that I never expected to come into existence. It surrounds the Love I found in my life, unexpected and quite magical. I was the type of person who had lost all the hopes of finding the perfect one. If you see my past, you will find […]

7 ways to keep your bond fresh and healthy

Seeing the sparkle fading away in the marriages isn’t too indigestible these days. It is common to see people parting their ways when once they promised forevers. After living the beautiful engagement period, life is quite harmonising when couples start their married life. Everything peaceful and exciting is lined up after their tying of knots, […]

The story of my broken marriage

Right now, I am sitting in my living room of my 1Bhk apartment, wishing the cup could hold more coffee than it already does. I don’t really enjoy looking at that empty cup and having to get up and make another one all by myself. I still miss the days when Maa never hesitated to […]