A Letter To My Fiancé!

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My hopes, dreams, expectations of ‘US’

You might dismiss me for being old fashioned. Oh! Well so be it! There is something super romantic about being like an old gran knitting warm jumpers, making bread pudding and? Writing! That’s right! Writing long-ish letters just to ask how someone may be doing and that all was well at her’s. Well you might think in this age of machines who actually has the time and patience to sit and write love stories or even relate something like that? Perhaps, not many of us.

Well I do, I think it is just so romantic. This whole idea of sitting and taking time out and make that little extra effort to make the most heartfelt feelings take the shape of very beautiful little pearls of words may be sentences that touch your heart and soul.

Quite honestly, I am a little nervous excited. Anxious about everything. Every little thing feels so different and so good, it is just surreal. Change that is going to take place is gonna be massive. Everything is gonna be all new. I have no clue just as yet good or bad. I hope all good just worried how things might turn up for me. Things that  I may or may not be expecting. The funny feeling is only increasing with every passing day.

So, I thought maybe now is the time to get all my curiosities satisfied. I want to convey all my thoughts and gather as clear a picture as I possibly can.

Here are few things that I want  to discuss, discuss them with you-

1- Career and home! How are we managing that?

Currently, both of us have too much on our respective plates and Iam sure work will only get more and more exhaustive. You reckon we will be able to manage alright? Juggling between the two. I love you with the bottom of my heart but my career comes first. Iam once bitten twice shy so I just want to be sure my new family does not have any reservation about it.

2- Finances- We two are one!

I want us to function as a unit. We both earn but spend as one. We are family now and not separate from each other. I understand how you love me and how you will look for silliest of reasons from keeping me to spend. But hey! Remember that is not cute. I want you to know we two are one.

3- Little bit of juggling will be needed

I have some horrendous confession to make my love. I love you heartedly and would love to be able to dish out something that I can lovingly cook for you. Tell you what though, Iam terrible I know not how to cook. Little bit of juggling will be needed. Iam still learning. Until then please bear with me lovely we might have to do with takeaways and may be will try my hand at roasts or nice somethings at the weekend when i have time to explore kitchen and recipes.

4- Faith- I hope it never leaves us!

I know in the future there will be times when we will have arguments or when there could be misunderstandings, but I do wish and pray that the faith we have in each other never leaves us. I might even get too difficult to deal with and you may have completely different opinions about me then, but I want you to know I love you and I will try my bestest.  There could circumstances that might create barriers between us. I just hope that we never stop believing in each other and in the love that we have for one another.

5- Keeping it real

Wonder what the future holds for us. How easy or how difficult times our relationship will have to witness.  I just hope we swivel through such times beautifully and sail through the toughest. No room for pretension at all honey. I never will I promise and I expect the same from you too.  I hope that both of us will always try to keep everything real, just as it is. Be it the positive things or negative most upseting bits. Being together and facing the reality as one will be better than living with the things that aren’t real at all. Sham doesn’t work. Does it?

Pretty much it. These were certain things I wanted to tell you the moment you took my hand in your’s promising to spend life together with me.  I have such soaring dreams for us, bright hopes and wishes that come true for us.

I hope we never forget the way destiny worked to have us in each other’s arms. I hope the love that we have now, never fades away. Like the present, I hope that I never stop writing for you. I wish to continue writing more and more for you each day and all of it dedicated to you my love. Like the present, I hope you continue surprising me with mouth watering delicacies every now and again. How I love to stargaze with you, would love to do that more often and read our favorite books on every Sunday afternoon, together. I hope we go for long walks and stop for tea at the same stall near the beach. I wish we explore every part of the world and visit our favorite places over and over again. I wish we have the best of days spent together and life continues like this forever. I want to grow old spending time with you just as Iam now.

I hope we continue going on dates even when we have grey hair. As the number of years pass, I hope that our love only grows and shines brighter than ever. No, I don’t hope for no arguments, but I do hope that those only add fizz to the love that we already have. Unlike others, I hope that we do not allow stupid things to ruin this special something that we have.

Maybe not like a fairytale, but certainly not far off. I love you.

I hope to conquer the world with our love.



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