Tanvi Taparia Tanvi Taparia is a 19 year old woman from Mumbai. Though she is a management student, her first love is writing. She loves playing with words. She writes poetries to soothe her soul and reads to calm her mind.

A Letter To My Fiancé!

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I know you will find this a lot weird than I can imagine because you are not a letter person. I could’ve used Skype and spoke about all the things that I am writing here, but I just find this idea of sending letters so much interesting. It gives a different kind of feel and experience altogether. Though I have never sent you one, I prefer writing this time. Maybe because today I am going to talk about few very delicate and sensitive thoughts and feelings of mine, which I am sure I couldn’t have made clear if it weren’t writing them down. After being engaged for three months, you probably know how easy it is for me to write. Be it conveying things to my best friend or mother, I always have preferred writing them down. So, when it came to you, I am choosing to do the same.

Honestly, I am a little anxious right now. Anxious about everything. Every little change that is going to happen and every new thing I may or may not be expecting. This anxiousness is only increasing with every day. So, I thought maybe now is the time to ask every single question, to convey all my thoughts and clear every little doubt that I have.

Here are few things that I wanted to discuss with you-

1- Career and home! How are we managing that?

To begin with, I was wondering how will it be with our careers after we get married. Currently, both of us have too much of work and we will continue to have later too. In that situation, do you think we can manage work and home easily? Also, I wanted you to know that even after having all the love for you and your family, I cannot give up on my career. I know you have never asked me to do that, but this is important and I think it is necessary to have everything clear before we start our new lives. Assumptions are not at all good after all! I don’t know how we are managing things, but I do hope we soon come up with good ideas to consider in this matter.

2- Finances- Two people- Two contributions!

I know both of us earn enough to make our own living and  still you will never want me to spend my money because of all the love that you have for me. But I want you to know that the way we are going to share our lives, we should share our finances too. There are several reasons that support this idea and I am sure that you would agree to them. It is about equality, about us being less pressurised and so on. It is about sharing everything.

3- Cooking and working cannot be done simultaneously!

Unlike every other woman of our country I don’t think I can cook nice dinner every day after returning home from a tiring day. That is unfair, right? That is your home as much as it will be mine, so don’t you think we should share all the responsibilities? I know you have never had the chance to work when you stay with your mother, but come on, nobody can be so dependant on someone for ever. So, we can probably sit and formulate a plan and divide all our tasks.

4- Faith- I hope it never leaves our bond!

I know in the future there will be times when we will have arguments or when there could be misunderstandings, but I do wish that the faith that we have in each other never leaves. I may become too difficult to deal with and you may have completely contradictory opinions, but we can take some deep breaths and solve the issues calmly. There could be people and circumstances that could build barriers in our relationship, but I hope that we never stop believing in each other and in the love that we have for one another.

5- Keeping it real

I don’t know how our bond will be in future. How easy will it be or how many times it would be difficult, but I do hope that we always keep it real. Even if there are times when we need to be against the other one, only for the other person’s good, I hope we will do it. Sometimes people start pretending and that pretence can obviously not last long. I hope that both of us will always try to keep everything real. Be it the positive things or the negative things, being together and facing the reality will be better than living with the things that aren’t real.

These were certain things that I wanted to tell you from the time we decided to be each other’s life partner. Along with all these, I wanted to tell you about all the hopes and wishes I have for US!

I hope that we never forget the way we ended up together. I hope the love that we have now, never fades away. Like the present, I hope that I never stop writing for you. I wish to write several more poetries and articles, only for you. Like the present, I hope you continue surprising me with mouth watering delicacies every now and then. I hope we do stargazing more often and read our favorite books on every Sunday afternoon, together. I hope we go on long walks and have tea at the same stall near the beach. I wish we explore every part of the world and visit our favorite places over and over again. I wish we have the best of days of our life together.

I hope we continue going on dates even when we have grey hair and broken teeth. When we are old, I wish that our love is enough to cure each other’s any bodily pain. As the number of years pass, I hope that our love only grows and shines brighter than ever. No, I don’t hope that there will be no arguments, but I do hope that those only add on to the love that we already have. Unlike others, I hope that we do not allow stupid things to ruin what we have.

Maybe not like a fairytale, but I do hope that we create beautiful home for each other in our hearts. Peaceful. Mesmerising.

I do hope we conquer the world with our love.



Tanvi Taparia
Tanvi Taparia Tanvi Taparia is a 19 year old woman from Mumbai. Though she is a management student, her first love is writing. She loves playing with words. She writes poetries to soothe her soul and reads to calm her mind.

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